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Controversy Sells, Again


So, I'm sure you've all heard about the controversy in pro wrestling by now, right? No, I'm not talking about the boat that's being missed by WWE in this #Axelmania deal, I'm talking about the incident with Kimber Lee and Chris Dickinson at the recent Beyond Wrestling event. I know, you're probably scratching your head right now, wondering how the hell this could possibly tie in to WWE, just hang with me, I'll bring it together. There are seemingly two camps in the aftermath of this incident, you're either sickened by what you've seen or you feel that it wasn't too bad because Kimber agreed to the spot and has been reported as being fine and cleared to return to competition. Personally, I'm in the middle on this, while I don't condone hitting females, in the world of wrestling if you agree to step between the ropes and take dangerous spots for recognition, it's ultimately on you for whatever happens. While I don't really care either way about the whole inter-gender wrestling thing, the only part that really got to me was the whole chair shot. As someone who has suffered a concussion, it's some scary stuff, I'm one of those people who don't care for head shots with chairs because of the damage it can do in the long run, and this was one hellacious shot.

Kimber Lee Destroyed

I know a major contingent of people have come out against Dickinson in this incident saying how horrible he is because he was a bit rough on a female worker. First off, she agreed to take part in the fiasco, as much as he's to blame she also shares in the blame for going along with everything. Secondly, sure, he probably could have been a bit more protective of her in this incident, but would anyone be talking about it today if he had held her like a porcelain doll the entire time? If you answered yes, you're clearly a moron and you should go ahead and exit stage left now as you're not going to be able to grasp anything said from this point forward. In regard to the rough landing on the Pazuzu Bomb, I can actually understand it because the woman is a bit slight in comparison to guys who may normally receive this maneuver. There's actually a clip of Dickinson hitting it on Brian Cage and the landing was similar, but with Cage being much larger the slide at the end wasn't there like it was with Kimber Lee. It's certainly a shock to the senses to see something like this on video, something so seemingly graphic occurring, and I can completely understand the knee jerk reaction of some people, but you have to remember that not too terribly long ago even the women in WWE took bumps from guys.

The most obvious name to float to the surface would be Bubba Ray Dudley when people think of pro wrestling incidents where women are put through rough situations at the hands of a male. Bubba Ray putting women through tables went on for quite a time, and even included multiple times of them putting the toughest woman in the history of the business through tables in Mae Young. While the majority of Bubba Ray's deliveries were pretty heavily protected, there were moments where the landings appeared just a bit rough. You hear people talk all the time about wanting the “Attitude Era” brought back but then something like this happens, something almost directly ripped from said WWE Era, and people start talking about things going too far and getting to be too much. In the Attitude Era it almost seemed as if nothing was off limits, there were no taboo situations, and the WWE was almost an “anything goes” atmosphere. You can't deride the product of today for being too “clean” or too “bland” and say how you wish it were more hardcore only to turn around and call a hardcore moment too much. Playing both sides of the coin is not only damn near impossible, but it's also about as absurd as you can get in this world. Overall the spot was probably a bit rough, but the Pazuzu Bomb on it's own wasn't THAT bad in all honesty. Once again, the one thing I would have changed in this whole ordeal would have been that chair shot.

There was a point where you saw things like this all the time, from Rhino piledriving women through tables, Bubba Ray powerbombing them, hell even one Solomon Crowe put a women through a table while working in CZW before moving up to the land of NXT. That's something where, if done correct, you can protect your “victim” from any serious impact. A chair shot though, even putting a hand up to cushion the blow, is much more difficult to protect the person receiving the blow. Knowing what the world does about concussions these days, any head shots with a chair are just a bit too big of a risk to be worthwhile. Sure, if the workers agree to them it's hard to really argue the point, but they should sign off ahead of time that they chose to take said shot and that it's all on them. Seeing what's happened to so many former football players I can't think there's any way that taking a blow to the head is a good idea for anyone, it doesn't matter their business. I would have considered either adding a table to the Pazuzu, or maybe even adding a DDT to the equation over that disgusting chair shot, but who am I to argue when they're all over the place at the end of the day as a result of the bump? It was incredibly effective in getting recognition for the company, as well as the workers. Just remember, controversy creates cash my friends.

At the end of the day, was it a pretty vicious looking spot? Sure it was, but was it the worst you could possibly see in this business? Not by a long shot, hell it wasn't even the worst I've seen of a man attacking a woman. I honestly can't count how many times I've seen Stephanie McMahon take bumps from males, including fairly recent ones such as the Orton DDT spot with Triple H cuffed to the ropes, and let's not forget the whole barbed wire Socko spot with Foley and Lita. If you know more about the situation, you might understand the booking. Thanks to a couple Facebook friends Ryan Jones and Anthony Hauser, I've been able to read up on the Dickinson and Lee storyline. This is something that's apparently been building for nearly 2 years, talk about waiting for an angle to pay off, you NEED something big to happen and that's exactly what we see in the video. This same event had a spot where David Starr took 18 elbow shots from JT Dunn and Chris Hero, one of which was to the back of the head. No matter how good a “working elbow” you throw there are bound to be moments when you slip up and actually connect with your opponent. It certainly appears he was concussed at least partway through, personally that seems a bit worse than the Kimber Lee scenario in my eyes. The one thing to remember about all of this, it's very simple, if not for that minute or so clip, how many people would be talking about King of Arts right now? I'd say that's pretty damn effective marketing, wouldn't you?

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