Corporate Reigns?


The main event at Wrestle Mania 31 will be a great match no doubt. It is going to be a perfect performance by all of the competetors in the match, whether it includes Bryan, Reigns, or both. Yet, there's always a bigger picture than just the match itself, and I think I have a good idea. It is pretty wild, but I've gotten comments saying "A Reigns heel turn could be just what WWE needs right now". Yes, WWE probably already has the plan set, but if they went with this idea, I honestly think it would settle the heat from the fans.

Imagine this: Roman goes over at WWE Fastlane to face the unstoppable beast incarnate at WM 31 for undoubtedly the most famous belt to ever be in a WWE ring. Reigns continues to win more and more matches to build up to the main event. He proves himself every match by putting his body on the line each and every time. This will prove a large amount of fans wrong, including most people reading this. (Not to be offensive, you're entitled to your own opinion). This will hopefully earn their respect as well. I would say Brock does the same, but we all know his motto: Eat, Sleep, Disappear, Repeat.

The match begins. It's an even fight between the both of them (even though that's far from what we've seen with Lesnar). Reigns gets off of Lesnar's shoulders to avoid the F5 and hits Brock with the spear. He crawls over and puns Lesnar for the 1, 2, 3 and the win. His music plays and he celebrates in the ring. Then, The Rock, Ambrose or another baby face comes out to congratulate Reigns on his victory, and goes to hand Reigns his title belt. Reigns smacks it down and spears the person holding the belt. This results in Reigns becoming one of the top heels on the roster. The Authority come out, and Reigns shakes Triple H's hand, and then raises it in the air.

Now that would be the perfect scenario, but just think about this for a minute. Think of all of the opportunities this would give up and coming superstars to prove themselves and beat Reigns or at least get the chance to face him. This would give the push to so many superstars that have been proving themselves week after week and then being given little to no credit whatsoever. It would also open up so many more creative possibilities for WWE. It doesn't have to go exactly the way I described the scene, but if they made the idea of "Corporate Reigns" a reality, it'd be "best for business" in my viewpoint. But that's my opinion. I'd like to hear what you guys have to say. Feel free to comment.

This could either put Brock in a position where he could face different talent for a chance at a different picture, or he could dissapear again, his choice. Reigns could continue to go over as the WWE WHC, and go to WM 32 to face Daniel Bryan, in what could be one of the greatest matches we've ever seen. Although, let's not jump the gun, I mean that's a whole year away, and a lot can happen especially in a year.

I personally think Reigns would be one of those fun yet mean heels. Meaning that he will get annoyed easily by that chants, which seem to just raise the volume of them. Yet he would be a mean heel. Such as threatening someone using someone or something, like Rollins did with Edge and Cena.

I could honestly see Reigns as the next Lesnar. I know it sounds insane, but they could seriously push Reigns if he showed his true talent enough. Make him the next unbeatable guy, giving a push to many more superstars that deserve it. He could even have a story line with Ambrose, with the whole "Brotherhood" idea.

I don't mind what story or "plot twist" Vince ultimately decides on, as long as it opens up more opportunities for other talent. I'm eager to see what he'll go with. We will find out what Vince has in mind after Fastlane. That's my say in the matter, and I'd really like to hear what you guys have to say about my scenario, and if you have any suggestions like this, don't hesitate to comment. After all, you could be the reason I write my next article, and I always give credit where credit is due.

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