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Damien Sandow Causes Fans To Speculate, Says He Was Just Saying Thanks

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Damien Sandow caused a bit of a stir on Twitter on Tuesday night when he stated, “No matter what @WWEUniverse, performing in front of you is an honor that I never take for granted.” You can read the tweet below:

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Obviously a tweet like that is going to get people talking but Sandow claims it was nothing more than a thank you to his fans. You can read his followup below: Click here to load (if not loaded)

Sandow teamed with Curtis Axel to go over Brad Maddox & Heath Slater in a dark match at last night's tapings in Birmingham, Alabama.

I regard Sandow as one of the most talented yet most underutilized guys on the WWE roster. We talk all the time about guys that “should” get pushed and have proved their worth but for whatever reason, their saddled to forgettable comedy gimmicks. Sandow has always gone above and beyond everything he’s been asked to do and it’s a travesty more has not been invested in him.

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