Daniel Bryan Cleared By Neurologist But Not By WWE


Daniel Bryan was a guest on the Cheap Heat podcast featured on ESPN Radio where he gave a revealing update on his health. Bryan stated that he feels great and has been cleared by a doctor in Phoenix. He explained WWE is hesitant to clear him and that he guesses WWE doesn’t really want him talking about it.

Bryan later stated he was cleared by the “Super Bowl” of neurologists so he doesn’t see why he can’t wrestle. Bryan said it’s not like he has some buddy that happens to be a doctor but WWE has their side too.

Below is a paraphrased recap of the interview, excluding what I clipped out above:

Bryan joked with the hosts, David Shoemaker and Peter Rosenberg, who introduced him as a professional wrestler and not a sports entertainer. Bryan said he knows it’s branding but he just can’t write the words sports entertainer. He said WWE is fine with him saying wrestler when he does interviews and stuff like that but on Tough Enough he has to say WWE Superstar.

Bryan then joked about Brie Bella using the term Diva in media interviews, with the word “Diva” having a different meaning in WWE than it does than in the rest of the world.

Daniel Bryan talked about the Wrestlemania 30 main event on Sunday, getting married on Friday then finding out his dad died the Monday after that. Shortly after that two week period, he found out he had to have the neck surgery. He talked about having a close relationship with his dad.

Bryan talked about not knowing he was booked for the Money in the Bank pay-per-view last month and only finding out when he checked his email to discover he missed a booked flight to Columbus, OH (the host city) later in the day. He called WWE’s travel department, who couldn’t tell him why he was needed and texted the writers, who couldn’t tell him why he was needed. He said he started to put two and two together and it’s one of those things that’s a very complex issue. He was first under the opinion WWE didn’t want him to wrestle anymore.

Daniel Bryan said it’s a blessing and a curse because WWE is looking out for his best interest, regardless if he makes them money. Bryan said he makes them money and they want him to wrestle but they’re looking out for his best interest. There are mixed opinions about what is best for him.

Bryan went on to tell the story of Wrestlemania 30, his relationship with John Cena, CM Punk helping him and so much more. There is a lot in the brief interview and it really doesn’t do it justice to try and transcribe it. Follow the link below to listen now…

CLICK HERE to listen now.

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