What About Dean Ambrose?


The 2015 Royal Rumble is still somewhat of a sore subject for many fans, with two camps forming; the camp who believe Daniel Bryan should have won, and the camp believing it should have been booked better and that had the winner been anyone but Roman Reigns, there would not be such an issue with the outcome. Many fans are more concerned that Daniel Bryan, or even Dolph Ziggler, should have won the match, and should have been booked better. But many people are forgetting one name, who could in my opinion have been a worthy winner; Dean Ambrose.


Dean Ambrose was at one point the stand out member of the Shield, like all three of the former members previously were, but since embarking on his latest singles run, Ambrose has somewhat come into his own in the ring, on the microphone, and has really developed his character beyond what many thought was possible. Listen to the reaction he gets every time he enters an arena if you don't believe me. The guy has made an impact on the WWE Universe that we knew he was capable of, and it feels like it is only a matter of time before we see Ambrose get himself that deserved main event shot.

Not only that but lets look back at the matches Dean Ambrose had in 2014, including many memorable meetings with Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt. He had without a doubt some of the best matches of the year, that could have all been candidates to win the Match of the Year award. His epic series of matches toward the end of 2014 with Bray Wyatt were some of the best work from Ambrose I had seen that year, and his program prior to this with Seth Rollins really helped raise the profile of Ambrose to another level. Ambrose was probably the member of the Shield many fans saw going on to greatness, and while it was surprising to see Seth Rollins get that chance, Ambrose has not let himself become an after thought to anyone.


Many will point to the fact that while Ambrose was having great matches last year, he lost more often than he won. Infact his record for 2014 saw him compete in eleven matches, picking up three wins and eight loses, including a run of six straight losses at the end of the year. Despite all of this, Ambrose remains one of WWE's most popular superstars. He received one of the few pops from the crowd in the Rumble match after Bryan had been eliminated, and it is clear that the losses have not affected his popularity in any way. Wins and losses don't matter so much nowadays in WWE, and it isn't uncommon to see a Superstar go on a poorly booked run, only to turn it around and come out on top when it truly matters

Would Ambrose have been the perfect fit to main event Wrestlemania? In my mind, yes. He has the exprience, the popularity, and the ability to make himself one of the top stars in the company for years to come. While Ambrose was obviously ignored, and not inserted into the match between Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins to face Roman Reigns at Fast Lane, I imagine fans would have loved to see him get the opportunity at least, given his run ins with the Authority over the past year. That doesn't mean that he won't make it into the main event scene during 2015, and I would not honestly be surprised to see him get a main event match toward the end of 2015, allowing him to at least get a taste of challenging for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


While it's obvious Ambrose is not in line for the Wrestlemania main event this year, there is always next year. However, attention turns to who he could face at this years event. Before last weeks Raw, I was thinking I would have liked to see him go up against Bad News Barrett in an Intercontinental Championship match, as I think they could work a great match together. The good thing is it is looking like this could be the direction WWE goes in and I hope it isn't a match that gets shoved on the Fast Lane card at the last moment, Failing that, Ambrose needs to be the man who wins the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. He would be able to confidently carry the momentum from that victory, unlike Cesaro last year.

What do you think about Dean Ambrose being ready for a shot at the main event for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Is he ready or is it a little too soon? As always, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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