Dear Dixie, Wake Up!


For the past several weeks, Wednesdays was filled with my weekly series #TNANewsBooksImpact. That series is where I booked Impact Wrestling on what I would do with the show in regards to the TNA Wrestling roster and the current stories, as well as creating my own. However, as the weeks passed on by, I found it quite useless to even write the series since TNA would advertise matches that meant nothing on social media during the week. Since they were advertised, I had to have them on my booking sheet. Now, here I am... Trying to create a story for this match while the TNA creative writers, if we should even label them as creative, just had the match happen without any care. It was more than getting on my nerves! Listen, here is a company that I paid attention to nonstop for 9 years book lazy and illogical matches just to pass time. Alright, so not every match can be a home run. But, what about the X-Division? How is that relevant in the scheme of things? I've been waiting for years as Dixie Carter always said they will start to focus on the division again.

The list kept on growing as to why #TNANewsBooksImpact no longer served a purpose. If TNA advertised nonsensical matches, I had to have them, which only hurt the show I was trying to produce. There is then the instance of stars exiting the company out of nowhere... From Bully Ray to Velvet Sky to Samoa Joe. I wanted to give these stars huge roles, but I didn't have knowledge of their status. However, TNA did... Yet, they tried to act like they didn't.

The most recent departure, just yesterday, was Samoa Joe. The guy who was with the company for 9 years parted ways. From what I am understanding, it was a mutual parting of ways. Joe was actually talking about it before his contract was up. Sadly, TNA didn't make it worth wild to stay there. If they did, you would think he would have signed immediately! I actually saw Kurt Angle leaving TNA as a more realistic choice than Samoa Joe leaving. But, let's talk Joe! He was the X-Division Champion last year till TNA made him vacate it because of an "injury". Joe came back and joined The Beat Down Clan - A group that is the driving force on the show right now. Yes, Joe is one of the top heels in the company. Even further, Samoa Joe is on the Top 5 Ranking list for this week. He will be in the 20 Man Gauntlet Battle Royal match. Yet, he has departed. It's quite obvious Samoa Joe won't be winning that match.

But, do you see how crazy they booked Joe? They even had him beat Kurt Angle a couple weeks ago. An utter waste of time. An absolute joke! It's ridiculous!

We can blame TNA Wrestling for this, but if Joe wanted to leave the company, then he wanted to leave and I am fine with that. We all have to accept that. It's just amazing that TNA pushed him to the level he was at knowing his contract would be coming to an end and there there was a POSSIBILITY that he could leave. TNA needs to understand... "Never say never".

Is there really anyone to blame? What about John Gaburick? He is the Vice President of the company. He is running talent relations. He is the head of television production. He is the head of creative. Should we go after him? The fact is, he was put into those jobs. He didn't have a choice. Dixie Carter gave him the keys and told him to drive. If she took her hands off of the steering wheel, was he just going to sit there and let the car crash? No, he had to take hold of the wheel. I come to realize that Gaburick is trying as hard as he can, but it is way too much to handle. Obviously!

You then have Dixie Carter! I know... I know... Here is another article that bashes the President of TNA Wrestling. But, am I really bashing if I am stating the facts? Dixie has hired people to take control of the company because she couldn't. She turns over the keys every 4 years or so. She piles the work load on these people, but she doesn't have to. I know for a fact there was an offer brought to Dixie from a top employee to take over talent relations, but she didn't accept it. She let Gaburick continue his reign... And in the process... Bully Ray, Velvet Sky, and Samoa Joe left.

And then the writing team!! I already harped on this earlier when I discussed #TNANewsBooksImpact, but let me get this straight... David Lagana considers himself a "writer/storyteller" on his official Twitter page. By the looks of it, I would have never expected it. Storyteller? Sure, maybe from the Aces & 8s day.

Before anyone jumps on the bandwagon of stating otherwise, TNA is still alive and kicking. They have a television deal and have many all across the world. They aren't going to die.

As I stated above, I have paid attention to TNA Wrestling nonstop since 2006. I watched several of their shows in 2004 or 2005, but I watched them every single week since '06. I love the company. I want them to thrive. I want them to be the very best they can be! If I didn't care about them, I wouldn't have TNA Wrestling shirts. If I didn't like them, I wouldn't have paid money to attend their live events or television tapings. I wouldn't even bother writing about them. Time is money, so if I am spending my time on the company, that says it all!

There just comes a point where TNA utterly disappoints me. There is a time when they make me upset. It's just not about "pulling the curtain back" to a curtain that's not even there. It's about John Gaburick stating that he thinks he knows what the fans want, but when the fans attack the company because Bully, Sky, and Joe leave then there's a misconnection.

And then the defenders... The biased community who state that Joe was too old for the company and that he didn't have it anymore. I would put money on Samoa Joe in a fight and I know he would win. Joe is still one of the top talents in the world. And if he is too old... Oh, then John Cena and CM Punk need to start looking at retirement homes.

If TNA Wrestling thinks of themselves as a niche company catering to the hardcore wrestling audience, then that's fine. Just come out and state it. Tell us, Dixie! I'll then know where you want to go (which is just where you are at), and I won't bother trying to help. Otherwise, instead of posting pictures on Instagram of you taking a hike in the woods, maybe you can show some respect for Samoa Joe and send a little statement out on how much you personally appreciated him.

Oh no, I'm insulting TNA again... Hell still must be burning...

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