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TNA Wrestling's free PPV, Lockdown, is almost here! The show airs Friday night on Destination America. It would be nice to see a live pay-per-view from TNA, but it's better they develop meaningful stories and feuds for an actual PPV to be successful. Five matches have been announced for the show and all of them will take place in the Six Sides of Steel structure. I'm back with another preview article giving you all you need to know for Lockdown!

Handicap Match: Rockstar Spud & Mark Andrews vs. Tyrus

The story behind this match has actually been building since late 2014 when Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud went their separate ways. Jeremy Borash was brought into the mix on the January 7th episode of Impact. British Boot Camp 2 winner Mark Andrews was inserted in the feud when he made the save for Spud two weeks later. It's very apparent EC3 isn't cleared to wrestle yet, as I'm sure this would be a tag team match if he was. I feel like Tyrus hasn't had much opportunity to show the fans what he can do in TNA. I, as well as plenty of other fans, know what Tyrus can do from his days in WWE. This may be the ultimate proving ground for all three of these men as they are set to battle in the steel cage.

Havok vs. Awesome Kong

I can't wait for this match! Havok is already a former TNA Knockouts Champion after destroying the Knockout's division the fall of 2014. Havok failed to regain the championship on January 7th after Taryn Terrell retained in a battle royal. After Havok destroyed Terrell post-match, the lights went out and there stood Awesome Kong! We instantly knew we would be seeing this dream match come to fruition very soon. There hasn't been that much of a story behind it, but the excitement is still present. Havok and Kong will brutally fight each other until only one Knockout stands tall. Who will it be?

Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young

The never-ending story between these two got heated up a month ago when Eric Young screwed Bobby Roode out of retaining his World Championship. After weeks of brawling and wanting revenge, Roode will meet Young one-on-one in the cage! This match promises to be a hellacious one. Eric Young has practically "won" this feud after costing Roode the World Title, beating him in a Street Fight, and playing mind games every week. Is it time for Roode to get his revenge? To me, this match practically serves as a number one contender's bout. Who will walk away the last man standing? Tune in to Lockdown!

TNA Tag Team Championship Match: James Storm & Abyss (c) vs. The Hardys

This is another match that has built itself since the January 7th episode of Impact. The Hardys won a tournament in November and beat The Wolves to officially be named the number one contender's. The Revolution is a hot topic as James Storm now has Abyss, Sanada, Manik, and Khoya under his wing. I think we will see see what TNA's tag team division is all about in this match. It's become well-known what happens to Jeff Hardy at the end of this match, which should make fans want to tune it to see how brutal the spot really is. Will The Hardys be able to do what The Wolves weren't and beat The Revolution?

Lethal Lockdown: Kurt Angle, Austin Aries, Gunner, & TBA vs. MVP, Kenny King, Samoa Joe, & Low Ki

Kurt Angle is finally back in the ring and he has taken the leadership role to try and take down The BDC. MVP and company have been wreaking havoc all over the place. Angle has been able to recruit Austin Aries and Gunner to join him. World Champion Lashley turned down the offer even though this would be the perfect opportunity to get back at MVP and The BDC. Who will be the fourth man to join Team Angle? Will The BDC suffer their first team loss? This is sure to be a hard-fought main event.

If you have been out of the loop or needed a reminder about all that is going down tonight on Lockdown, I hope you enjoyed this recap of all the exciting stuff. Alex Barie will be covering the show on and we will be there discussing the show in the “Open Thread”! Stay tuned to’s Twitter account (@TNANEWScom) for everything TNA-related!

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