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Detailed Live Report From Yesterday's TNA House Show In Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Wrestling News World reader A-Rob sent in the following report from yesterday's Impact Wrestling house show in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada:

Before the show started, people who had the $50 tickets were able to get into the building about an hour early for a meet and greet. When everyone got in, they sent us to the merchandise table and made a few announcements about how they were doing the meet and greet, that backstage passes were available and limited, and merchandise deals that were available. After that, everyone went around the ringside to wait for the wrestlers to walk around and sign autographs and pictures with. Frankie Kazarian, Robbie E, Christopher Daniels, Brooke Tessmacher and Zema Ion came around. Gail Kim was signing autographs at the merchandise table as well but you couldn’t get a picture with her since security was rushing everyone.

Jeremy Borash came out to hype up the fans, but he was interrupted by Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian who came out and insulted the fans and the city, getting some good heat. They teased that Fortune was getting back together, but then said that they were the the best 2 guys in the group. They then went on to insult AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, who then ran out and attacked them. Then Bobby Roode came out and beat down AJ and Kurt. After that, Austin Aries ran out and the babyfaces cleared the ring, Kurt Angle got on the mic and put over the city of Hamilton, Canada. Austin Aries suggested they do a 6-man tag for the main event. The heels were reluctant but accepted.

* Robbie E b. Gunner. Before the match, Robbie E asked for his music to play and he danced and fist pumped. Gunner acted like he was going to dance but punched out Robbie E instead.

* Brooke Tessmacher b. Gail Kim to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship

* Samoa Joe b. Zema Ion. Before the match, Earl Hebner came out and did the “Damn Right I Did It” gimmick like he does at every house show.

* Intermission – If you had a backstage pass, they took you “backstage,” which was really a balcony outside the arena. Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Gunner, Bobby Roode and Mr. Anderson were signing autographs and taking pictures. Austin Aries, along with Earl and Brian Hebner, were signing autographs at the merchandise table. It was the same thing as with Gail Kim: you couldn’t take pictures with them since security was rushing the line.

* James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson went to a 10-minute time limit draw in a Bound For Glory Series match. As a result, they both got 2 points. After the match, the crowd chanted: "5 more minutes!" James Storm got on the mic and begged Earl Hebner (who reffed the match) to come back out. When he didn’t, he got a beer and started drinking and made some jokes about different brands of beer. He then tried to offer Mr. Anderson a drink but he said no. Storm then superkicked Anderson and poured beer in his mouth while he was laid out.

* Kurt Angle, Austin Aries and AJ Styles b. Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Bobby Roode

* After the show, you could go in the ring and have your picture taken with Kurt Angle, Austin Aries and AJ Styles for $20. It was free if you had a backstage pass. Earl and Brian Hebner were signing autographs at the merchandise table again. On an interesting note, James Storm didn’t sign any autographs or do a meet-and-greet all night.

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