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Detailed Ring Of Honor Taping Results (Spoilers); Samoa Joe Says Goodbye

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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Scott Brooks was at Saturday night's Ring of Honor's television tapings and filed the following spoiler report:

ROH taped more television than they usually do for a TV taping and certain episodes may air on different dates as opposed to the exact order that they were taped.

Dark Match:

Nuclear Cauliflower (Chase Brown and Peter Kaasanova) defeated AR Fox and Ken Phoenix when Peter hit a 630 Splash on Phoenix.

Nigel McGuinness came out and announced Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal for the next iPPV. Nigel then mentioned how Kyle O'Reilly made Jay Lethal tap and took him to the limit for 30 minutes in Hopkins and identified Kyle as a top contender. He then said for the tag team titles there will be a four corner survival: Addiction/Kingdom/ReDRagon/War Machine for the iPPV.

Episode 1:

Match 1) Dalton Castle defeated Takaaki Watanabe via a Spinning Facebuster.

They shook hands and Watanabe left. Dalton took a mic and said after the PPV, it became clear who the last real man is in ROH. He laid on his followers in the ring until Silas came to the stage and yelled at Dalton. Dalton told him to eat his heart out. Refs held back Silas and he went to the back.

Nigel came to the ring. He introduced Jay Lethal and he and the House of Truth came to the ring. Nigel congratulates Lethal on accomplishing what he said he would do. Truth said the fans are right in saying Lethal does deserve this but they are not Lethal's people. The House of Truth is. Truth said the witnessed a legend in the making, the greatest first generation wrestler, the ROH TV Champion and the new undisputed champion of the whole world, Jay Lethal. Nigel said he wants to hear the champ. Jay said all he wants to say is what he has already said from the start: he is the best in the world. Jay says to be the best, you have to be the undisputed champion of the best company in the world but ROH is the best company in the world because he is the undisputed champion. That's all he wants to say, he has nothing else to prove. Nigel asks him which belt does he plan on vacating. Lethal says he is giving up neither as he earned both of them. He tells Nigel that he knew that someone would end up with both of them at the end of the PPV and that man is in front of him. He says he wants to defend the undisputed championship and he needs both belts to do that. Nigel said they are separate entities so he would have to defend in different matches. Nigel said he is defending against Strong at Death Before Dishonor and next week he is defending the TV Title against Mark Briscoe. Lethal said he will defend both belts and prove he is the greatest. He will destroy Mark next week and as he goes to address Strong, Strong's music hits and he comes to the ring. Strong wants to make Lethal aware that on July 24th, Lethal will walk in ROH Champion, but Strong will walk out as champion. Lethal and the HOT quietly left.

The Kingdom came to the ring for a match and go to address Adam. Maria took a mic and said they have been traveling the world and winning titles while he has been away. She says as the leader of the Kingdom, she takes full responsibility. Tonight, they will prove that together this Kingdom will never fall. They share a group hug.

Match 2) ReDRagon and Michael Elgin defeatedThe Kingdom following Chasing The Dragon on Cole with Kyle getting the pin in about 14 minutes.

After, Cole shook hands with all of them and raised Kyle's arm which was not too pleasing for the remaining members of the Kingdom. The fans also chanted at Cole to "leave the kingdom."

Episode 2

Match 1) Matt Sydal defeated Adam Page w/Colby Corino & BJ Whitmer via Shooting Star Press.

After the match, Whitmer attacked Sydal. ACH ran out and attacked Page before BJ laid out ACH with a chair. Page hit the Omori Driver into Sydal on a pile of chairs. ACH took a mic and told Page that at Death Before Dishonor he will remember the day he pissed off ACH.

Veda Scott came to ringside and took a mic. She said Moose tried to be a successful football player and failed. She said Cedric put a little wrench in his plan to be a successful wrestler. At Death Before Dishonor, Cedric will show the whole world that potential. Veda says ruthlessness and aggression wins matches and says she doesn't care what he tries and fails at next. At the iPPV, Cedric will take everything that Moose never deserved.

Match 2) Will Ferrara defeated Silas Young with a roll up after distraction from Dalton Castle's boys on the apron. Immediately after the fall, Silas laid out both of them, hitting the airplane spin TKO on one of them.

Roderick Strong came to ringside for commentary for the next match.

Match 3) Jay Lethal w/Truth Martini retained the ROH TV Championship over Mark Briscoe.
- During the initial stages of the match, ODB came out and chased Truth away from helping Lethal and stayed at ringside for the match.
- J Diesel came out and attempted to interfere and Mark quickly disposed of him with Diesel not even hitting a move.
- Dijak interfered but Jay Briscoe made the save.
- Lethal kicked out of the Fisherman's Buster and the Froggybow.
- Lethal laid out ODB with a middle rope tope when she was attempting to take out Truth when he got involved.
- Diesel hit a low blow and set up the Lethal Injection allowing Lethal to win and retain.
- Jay Briscoe attacked Lethal after. The House of Truth ganged up on them until Roderick made the save.
- Roderick proposed a 3v3 tag "next week" for the 200th episode until ODB said she wants to be involved so it will be 4 on 4.

Episode 3

Match 1) The Bullet Club (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson & AJ Styles?) defeated War Machine.
- It appeared early that Nick got injured. Refs/medics/AJ Styles came to check on him.
- AJ got on the apron and opted to tag in. The ref got taken out at one point.
- Nick Jackson got back in the ring and superkicked Rowe, showing that it was a ruse. AJ hit the Styles Clash on Rowe and got the pin for "the bullet club" as they were announced for the result.

Match 2) Cedric Alexander w/Veda Scott squashed The Romantic Touch and won with help from Veda Scott.

Veda took a mic after and told Cedric to rip the mask off of Romantic Touch's face and to expose Rhett Titus. Caprice Coleman got in the ring but Cedric shoved him down. Moose and Stokley Hathaway came out and Cedric and Veda bailed.

Christopher Daniels came to do commentary for the next match.

Match 3) Adam Cole and Kyle O'Reilly went to a no contest after Cole got involved with Daniels at ringside. Kazarian came out for the save.

After the match, Cole took a mic and proposed Future Shock reuniting for one night to take on The Addiction. The match was on.

Match 4) Kyle O'Reilly and Adam Cole defeated The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Kazarian) in a non title match when Kyle pinned Daniels.

After, The Addiction along with Chris Sabin attacked Kyle and Cole until Bobby Fish made the save. All three cleared the ring. The Kingdom came to the ramp and were not happy with Cole who shook hands with Kyle and Fish and posed with them in the ring.


Episode 4

Match 1) Mike Bennett and Matt Taven w/Maria defeated Jonathan Gresham and Corey Hollis via Spike Piledriver on Hollis. New York chanted "let's go jobbers" at Corey and Gresham.

Prince Nana came to ringside for commentary.

Match 2) In a Six Man Mayhem Match, Moose w/Stdefeated Brutal Bob Evans, Cheeseburger, Caprice Coleman, Dalton Castle, and Silas Young when Moose pinned Bob Evans.

The Decade came to the ring. BJ took a mic. The crowd had none of those chanting lots of profanity their way and never allowing BJ to talk. Whitmer can hardly get a word in over all the chants. BJ told Colby how he almost beat Moose and War Machine by himself. Whitmer said he loved Colby like a little brother but now he does like his own son. He will be like the father that Colby never had. To show his proud he is of Colby, he is giving Colby Corino a gauntlet match tonight. He asks for a referee to come out. They introduced Shahem Ali, Wildman, Ben Ortiz, and The Punisher who combined weighed over 1800lbs as introduced. Steve Corino for between them and got in the ring. Whitmer egged him on asking if he was going to do something asking if he was going to make up for abandoning his kid and questioned if he would abandon his wife and other child. Corino grabbed Whitmer by the throat. Nigel and referees had to come out to separate them. Nigel ordered The Decade to go to the back. Corino left commentary and Nigel took over for him on commentary.

Match 3) Bobby Fish defeated ACH via an Avalanche Falcon Arrow.

Episode 5

Steve Corino came back out for commentary. This is the 200th Episode that they are taping.

Match 1) The Briscoes, Roderick Strong, and ODB defeated The House of Truth (Jay Lethal, Donovan Dijak, J Diesel, and Truth Martini) when ODB rolled up Truth Martini after spitting alcohol from her flask into his face.

DVD Exclusive Match

Match 1) AJ Styles and Samoa Joe defeated The Addiction in about 16 minutes when Joe hit a Muscle Buster on Daniels and AJ hit a Styles Clash on Kazarian, allowing AJ to pin Kazarian and win the match.

Samoa Joe took a microphone as the roster (minus the main heels such as Lethal and Whitmer) came to the ring. He said he could pour his heart out about how the fans supported him and his brothers in what they love to do for this place and that is professional wrestling. He said he can go on and on about how the fans proved them all wrong because the best in the world wrestled in this ring. And though this might be his last time in this ring, he will take what he did in this ring and put it into his heart and he will take it and show it to the world for them all to see. He is Samoa Joe and he is pro wrestling because he wrestled here in ROH. The roster gets in the ring and lifts Joe up along with plenty of hugs to send the crowd home happy.

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