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Disrespecting The Divas

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We all know WWE is into it's Twitter trends. After all, not a segment goes by on any WWE show nowadays without the latest hash tag being rammed down the throats of the viewer. And while WWE were keen to promote how they got #GiveTruthAChance trending worldwide, they were very quiet when it came to the latest hash tag that began trending after the Divas match on Raw. It's quite convenient how Michael Cole, the other announcers, and the people in the production truck didn't want to mention that trending worldwide after the Divas segment was this; #GiveDivasAChance. Not only did it trend after the match, it is still trending worldwide almost a day after the show took place.


Many bemused Twitter users may well have wondered what an earth could have caused such a hash tag to begin trending worldwide. The answer was a Divas match that saw Paige and Emma team up to face off against the Bella Twins, in a match that lasted a mere 26 seconds. Yes, you did read that correctly, it lasted 26 seconds. That is barely enough time for any fan to download or install the WWE App, which WWE hasn't plugged endlessly for a while, and about as long as it takes to send a tweet with a hash tag. Not only that, I counted an entire three moves and a pin fall in this match. The live crowd were clearly unhappy with this segment, fans around the world were clearly unhappy, even Velvet Sky and Mick Foley got in on the cause, and it was easy to see why people were angry as the segment may as well never have happened. The worst thing is the entrances for all four Divas actually lasted longer than the match itself.

I know in my heart that the Divas never have been, and never will be considered an integral part of WWE programming, and that's ok by me in a sense but how can you honestly think that as a company this is an acceptable way to treat your talent? If the company truly wants to appeal to the family audiences, and even more importantly the female demographic, then they need to seriously rethink their strategy for the division and give people a reason to care about the Divas, instead of allowing them to be used for some fans to take a toilet break, or visit the merchandise or concession stands.


What WWE is actually failing to see from my point of view here is the complete and total blatant disrespect they are showing not only to their female audience, but they are showing utter disregard and disrespect to their female talent, some of whom are more than just Divas and can actually wrestle a good match. Where is my proof WWE has Divas in it's ranks that can wrestle? Look no further than the NXT product. With credible names like Paige, Emma, and Charlotte having risen through it's rank, and currently possessing some great female talent who have matches that blow the main roster out of the water, NXT is proof alone that WWE can put on a credible and exciting female division that appeals to the fans. Brie Bella made an interesting quote recently, saying that if she was in NXT then she would not want to be called up to the main roster, because the girls down there are given time and attention. What does that say about the main roster? We have to witness garbage like a twenty six second match, where the girls do not even get the opportunity or time to show us what they can actually do.

The message WWE is sending out to it's fans appears to me to be that no one should really care about the Divas division. Sure, they want you to watch the latest drama in their lives on Total Divas, but when it comes to wrestling, or sports entertaining if you want to quote Vince McMahon, then what incentive are we given as fans to care? The matches are almost thought of as time fillers and are totally meaningless at times. WWE would sooner promote the girls in their latest photo shoot on WWE.Com than let us actually see what they can do in the ring. Yeah, I accept that the girls are there for some eye candy, and I'm not saying that should stop at all, but while there are some who should not be anywhere near a wrestling ring there are girls in that division who really have some great potential and deserve an opportunity to show the fans they can be just as good, if not better than some of their male counterparts.


My idea to WWE is this; keep your Divas who you use for photo shoots, and for eye candy, and let them do their thing, but do not let them anywhere near a wrestling ring. Leave that to the Divas you have in your division who can wrestle, and let them make something of this division. Heck, even change the name from the Divas division, and rebrand the whole thing the WWE Women's Division, and please rename the Divas Championship back to the Women's Championship. Let names like Natalya, AJ Lee, Paige, Emma, and the Bella Twins make the product worth watching, and let them build up a legacy that names like Trish Stratus and Lita had the chance to do back at their peaks. Recognise that these women deserve a spotlight as much as your male talent does, and stop giving us matches that are pointless, meaningless, or last twenty six seconds. The outcry on Twitter shows that the WWE Universe wants you to change your time, as did the crowd reaction last night. All we are really asking you to do is #GiveDivasAChance.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts on this piece in the comments section below, as well as your thoughts on WWE's treatment of the Divas, and the women's division overall.

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