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Do Dana White And UFC Fear WWE?

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So Dana White recently made some comments about WWE which went along the lines of saying that “fake s**t should be $9.99”. Now I have two thoughts on this. Firstly I’m not offended by the word fake. We all know that WWE is sports entertainment, it doesn’t have a real winner or loser as all outcomes are pre-determined, and it’s all about being a show. I think fake is probably the wrong word for Dana to use considering that the action is very real that we see (Or Dana, did John Cena fake breaking his nose, make it poor with fake blood, get a fake lump sticking out of one side of it, and have fake surgery to correct his fake nose injury?) and this was simply just a misjudged comment. But I think what the comment simply boils down to is my second thought is the fact that Dana White is actually afraid of Vince McMahon and the WWE. Allow me to explain what I mean when I say that...


Dana White very simply forgets something that even he cannot deny; one of his biggest draws in UFC was Brock Lesnar, who was a WWE guy first. Brock proved himself in a ‘fake’ industry before he stepped inside the octagon and proved himself there too. What did Brock recently choose to do? He chose to return to WWE over UFC. And it clearly wasn’t a decision Lesnar took lightly. He was very much seemingly up up in the air about what he wanted to do but in the end decided WWE was where his future laid. He could have probably made a hell of a lot of money in UFC, because Lesnar is a huge draw and Dana White knew this, otherwise he wouldn’t have attempted to bring Lesnar back. Lesnar perhaps chose WWE because of the lighter workload, because Vince offered more money, or he may ultimately want to finish his career in WWE. But there has to be something that pulls a big drawing name like Lesnar to pick WWE over UFC. Want to know who else will be a huge draw for UFC? A guy that WWE fans will know very well in CM Punk. You know, that guy who came from that “fake s**t” industry you chose to run down Dana. Just remember that when Punk sets your highest buy rate in UFC history in his first match where that man came from. I’ll be watching so don’t worry, you haven’t lost out on a buy from me despite the fact this article may seem very much against you.

What Dana also needs to remember is that WWE Superstars are fans of UFC, with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon being two of the biggest advocates of Ronda Rousey and UFC for the company. WWE doesn’t see UFC as just a threat to it; they see all shows that can be classed as entertainment as their threat. That is something that is clear from the amount of times the company will willingly mention UFC on commentary, on it’s Twitter feeds, and will allow their stars to attend UFC events and not fear them being shown on camera. How often do we see UFC actually talk about WWE in the same way? Granted they will show WWE stars on camera at events, but that’s more to the benefit of UFC as much as it is WWE because it shows their appeal across various demographics. Dana White doesn’t seem to want his UFC stars to be used in the same way. Yes Ronda was used on camera at Wrestlemania 31, but when it comes to WWE being allowed to use her at Wrestlemania 32, White seems set on not allowing this to go down. And I’m not sure if that is legitimate or whether Dana is working us? But surely having UFC workers on WWE’s biggest show of the year will bring your product even more exposure and more casual fans of WWE would potentially be tempted to watch UFC events.


What I think is Dana White is scared of WWE. And I think the big thing reason he is scared is because he knows Vince McMahon can take someone like Ronda Rousey, who is already a huge star outside of UFC, and turn her into something even bigger. Vince’s history of creating huge names speaks for itself when it comes to the wrestling industry; Hulk Hogan. Bret Hart. Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Rock. Brock Lesnar. The Undertaker. The list could go on of names Vince has catapulted to stardom. Who have Dana White and UFC turned into a global star? I can’t really think of anyone (Rousey was already a big name before joining UFC, as were most of his fighters). Dana White simply knows he can’t compete with Vince McMahon on any level. And he shouldn’t have to try to compete with Vince, because UFC and WWE are two very different products. WWE as a company is a global icon that has been around for longer than UFC, and WWE caters to a wider audience than UFC, who have a very specific age group that will watch their product. When it comes down to it UFC would have to change a lot as a company to cater to a wider audience, and I think Dana White knows this. I’m not saying UFC has to change, it’s already a hugely successful company. But if White wanted to try and run UFC up against WWE on a Sunday night when WWE runs say Wrestlemania, out of the two companies I think hands down WWE would stack their card and blow UFC out the water.

Dana White and UFC are right to fear WWE. After all, while WWE may have a “fake” product against a legitimate one in UFC and “should charge $9.99” for it, I as a fan would rather pay the lower price to watch a card of matches that I know will go on for at least 10-15 minutes each minimum or more, as opposed to a product where I could fork out a ridiculous $50 for a standard definition or $60 for a high definition broadcast that may have matches that all last 30 seconds. I’ve seen the Ronda Rousey fight from Saturday night but I didn’t pay to watch it. I saw it on other people’s Facebook pages because the match itself was over so quickly that it wasn’t worth spending my hard earned money on or staying up late to watch when I can just get up and look on social media the next day. That is perhaps one of UFC’s downfalls that it isn’t very quick to address. UFC fighters can spend months training and literally get in there for 60 seconds and get a huge payday. WWE Superstars and Divas go through a hell of a lot of sacrifices on a daily basis and put their bodies through a tremendous amount of damage and at risk for the entertainment of the companies fans. For a company that is “fake” I think there is just as much danger of injury in WWE as there is a “legitimate” sport like UFC.


When it boils down to it Dana White once again chose to run his mouth at the wrong moment, talking about WWE like it means nothing to him and his company. It isn’t the first time, and I doubt it will be the last time White says anything about WWE. But what I hope Dana White learns from all this is that WWE is much more than just a “fake s**t” industry. It is a company that has a broad range of fans, some of which follow the UFC as closely as they do the WWE. Comments like this are only likely to turn those people off from White’s product, and while he continues to try and run from the fact that he is scared of WWE things will not change. Maybe I am wrong and am just talking hot air? But there has to be a reason as to why White doesn’t appear to want to work with a multi million dollar company in WWE. The exposure his product could get alone from allowing Ronda Rousey to fight at Wrestlemania 32 would be huge, and I think if UFC actively acknowledged the fact that stars like Lesnar, Punk, and Rousey have all appeared in WWE in a capacity then maybe wrestling fans wouldn’t get so uptight about the moronic statements I feel he throws around. All we’re asking Dana is you show some respect to the industry that gave you at least two of your top drawing names. How hard can that really be for you to do? Or will we see the creation of a “Dana Fears McMahon” t-shirt in the future? Time will tell but I hope if anything this blog has shown that there is more to Dana White’s comments than just him running his mouth.

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