Drew Galloway Has Arrived!


The Scottish slayer has arrived! Drew Galloway debuted on TNA and received quite a pop from the crowd. I think TNA has landed a future major player. I think it’s great when a promotion brings in new blood and as a fan you wonder how he will be utilized. Will TNA use him right to ensure that he is a future major player? TNA has a great opportunity to capitalize on WWE’s budget cuts. It does appear TNA is reaping from WWE's losses such as EC3 and Tyrus. Perhaps this is an advantage that TNA has over the WWE.

Once known as the “Chosen One” in the WWE is now in a better position to showcase his talent. The WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon introduced him as a "future World Champion". When packaged as the "Chosen One" he established himself as a self serving villain. His finishing move was the double undertook DDT known as the Future Shock. He had feuds with stars such as R-Truth and John Morrison. Unfortunately like many other wrestlers, he was most likely lost in the shuffle due to the WWE's creative team. The creative team had aligned him with Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater known as the Three Man Band (3MB). Unfortunately in my mind this was a stable that the creative team had just thrown together. 3MB was simply just an entertaining stable that rarely ever won matches. In his tenure in the WWE Drew was a one time WWE Intercontinental Champion and once held the WWE Tag Team Championship with Cody Rhodes. Apparently there were moments he was pushed so perhaps they felt he was missing something. Due to the size of TNA's roster he will be given more of an opportunity. I will admit he is not the greatest on the mic but that could improve over time. I am gravitated though by his Scottish accent. Drew definitely has the look. He stands 6’5 and close to 250 lbs. He did show that he does have the wrestling skills in the ring. All wrestlers could improve on something in the ring. I thought in his tenure in the WWE he was better in singles competition. The only item that I think held him back was connecting to the crowd. I don't like to point fingers but some of it is the creative team and some of it is the wrestler. I think if TNA handles him the same way as they have done with EC3, they will have landed another talented wrestler.

As I said in my first post, it’s imperative that TNA brings in new blood since most of the “TNA Originals” are gone. This is one area that I think TNA is doing well and have proven that with EC3. They appear to be grabbing young talent and trying to build around them. It's not an easy task because you need veterans to rival with younger talent to get them "over". The Roster does have that balance. It is quite ironic that Samoa Joe leaves the organization as Drew enters. It is just critical that management and the creative team give him the proper persona. Perhaps Drew has learned something from his WWE experience. I am hoping to see the Scottish slayer be a force in TNA.

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