EC3 New TNA World Champion


Ethan Carter III is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion. TNA has done a great done with bringing him along and his steady push was excellently executed by the company. As most of us may question TNA's creative direction at times and some decisions this is something that TNA did very well.

WWE released him in 2013. TNA signed him in and aligned him with Dixie Carter as her nephew. As time went on you could see what TNA was doing with him. They saw him as a gem. He had great rivalries with Sting, Bully Ray, Rockstar Spud and Kurt Angle. EC3 has the classic silver spoon in his mouth persona. He even campaigned as being the TNA World Champion. EC3 is the total package for being a World Champion. He has tremendous mic skills, look, attitude, and wrestling ability.

As I look back at previous champions such as Magnus, Eric Young, and even Chris Sabin those title reigns were simply mind boggling. I'm not saying that either of these wrestlers were not deserving but something was just missing. TNA pulled the plug on the reigns quite quickly. Some may say that they weren't major draws and fans weren't buying into it. There could be merit to that. Somewhere along the lines the creative team got it right with Lashley and Kurt Angle. I think that they got it right because they are veterans. I understand the logic and get it. When TNA used Bully Ray as the leader of Aces and Eights it worked to some degree. Bully Ray as a World Champion was good but not great. He was already a seasoned veteran who was given the chance in singles competition. I just didn't see his feuds as being memorable. I think EC3's feuds are more memorable for him to be catapulted as a World Champion. EC3 is young with plenty to prove.

The point I am trying to make it is quite difficult to elevate veterans. They have already proven themselves to some degree. It is easier to elevate younger talent because they generally have to beat a veteran to get "Over". It has to be done well though and that's the distinction for fans to buy into it. This is why I think TNA has done a great job with EC3. I'm not saying that there is a science or a formula into developing a champion. A wrestler has to want it, be the character, and believe in it. I can see his title reign being long and significant.

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