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EC3 Vs. Rockstar Spud Is The Best Thing In TNA Wrestling


I sat back in my office chair to ponder a topic to write about. I juggled many ideas in my mind, but none of them were appealing. The ones that were appealing, though, could have a negative tone to them and I don't want to publish something that attacks, insults, or hurts TNA Wrestling simply because I know I have done that recently (as it is/was warranted), but I also feel that a positive light can bring some much needed excitement to the show/company.

After I failed to find a topic worth typing about, I skimmed over Impact Wrestling and what would be going on this week. I then came to an idea that I really want to touch on and that is... as you can see, Ethan Carter III vs. Rockstar Spud!!

These two will be facing each other in a Hair vs. Hair; Streak vs. Spud match. Whoever loses will get their head shaved. If Ethan Carter III wins, he simply beats and humiliates Spud once and for all. However, if Rockstar Spud wins he will not only humiliate Ethan but he will also put an end to his undefeated streak! Nice match with excellent stipulations! Here we go... A match that actually means something! And boy, does this match have a lot of meaning!

This match, actually, has been built up for over a year. It has all started from the rise of Dixie Land. When Ethan Carter III came into the company and sided with his aunt Dixie Carter, she made Rockstar Spud their Chief of Staff. Ethan and Spud became great friends, but the friendship soon turned into a slave and peasant situation. Once Dixie was put through a table via Bully Ray, Ethan went on a rampage and blamed everyone... Including Rockstar Spud. He tried to embarrass him, but it was at this point that Spud stood up for himself. Rockstar Spud was "fired", but was brought back into the company. The Carters didn't like it, so Ethan hired Tyrus as his assistant bodyguard. Do you see how the story is developing?

Rockstar Spud was getting assaulted week in and week out. But, he was able to get some help from the likes of Eric Young, Jeremy Borash, Mandrews, and Mr. Anderson. It wasn't necessary even between the two sides, but it became a back and forth battle. Ethan still wanted to get his revenge. He wanted to take out Rockstar Spud forever.

Heads were shaved, people were beat... It all leads down to this one match! It's personal!

Now let's focus on the two characters - Ethan and Spud! These two have tremendous chemistry, plain and simple. Both know how to work the crowd... Heck, Ethan always gets a reaction from the audience. Rockstar Spud became the ultimate underdog. Even though it is 2015, the underdog story is still grabbing people's interest. Put these two together, and as you see from what has happened in over a year, these two are great together. They work off of each other beautifully. We don't see too much of that these days!

Here is a match that HAS STORY! Here is a match that has been built up since the beginning of 2014, end of 2013. And you know what is even better, these two never faced one-on-one before. If these two were in the ring, it was either for a promo segment, tag team, or handicap match. Never one-on-one! Over a year later and we get the FIRST TIME EVER match! Build, story, hype, and characters... It's all there!

I feel like this is a match is being overlooked. More importantly, I feel like this story is being overlooked. It has been up and down, but it has continued to capture people's interest every step with revolving characters and different ways of one-upping the other. What other story is going on right now in TNA, or even WWE that has been over a year long? Sting vs. Triple H is only several months old. MVP vs. Lashley? Sure, but the story has been weak at times and it hasn't been consistent, in my opinion.

Ethan Carter III vs. Rockstar Spud - Hair vs. Hair; Streak vs. Spud

Now it is time for the payoff! I didn't read the spoilers for this match, nor do I want to. I can see the match going either way. Personally, I see a payoff on both sides. However, I see a larger payoff if Spud wins. Rockstar Spud is quite a fascinating character that truly engulfs entertainment. The way he dresses... The way he talks... The way he acts... It's gold!

Again, the match can go either way with different payoffs for both sides, but we all know which one it can benefit more!

Lastly, please... PLEASE, let this be a one-on-one match! I only want to see Spud vs. Ethan from bell to bell. Anyone else and it becomes a pointless match with nothing we can get from it.

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