EC3's Campaign


EC3's Campaign is a sign. It's a sign that his time to be a TNA World Champion is near. If TNA has done one thing right in the last few years, it's him. The creative team has done a brilliant job with EC3. They have slowly built him up to be a self serving villain with a silver spoon in his mouth. TNA has generated some solid rivalries such as Sting, Rockstar Spud, and more.

I could care less when Austin Aries turns in his briefcase for a TNA World Title shot. All of the wrestlers that claim to be in line for the title are veterans in the industry. Booby Roode, Austin Aries, Bobby Lashley, and Eric Young have already had their opportunity as a World Champion. We have already seen this and have gone down that road. Don't get me wrong, I like all of these wrestlers but I am already for something fresh and eager to see EC3 as a World Champion.

Perhaps the writers and the creative team have learned something from the Magnus experiment. Unfortunately that blew up in their face and it's almost as if the writers want to forget about Dixieland. I don't blame them. Bobby Roode and Eric Young's reigns were short lived. I also did read once that Destination America wanted Kurt Angle as the World Champion. In the meantime they are slowly giving EC3 the push at the right speed. I think it's working.

One of the reasons I am ready to move on and see Ethan as a World Champion is that they have the perfect wrestler to get EC3 over, Kurt Angle. No one is more qualified than Kurt Angle. This would give Ethan huge creditability and make his ego bigger if that's possible. Currently we are seeing the maniacal Eric Young and Kurt Angle feud. Personally I am somewhat bored with it. It's almost as if the short reigns that Eric Young and Bobby Roode had were used to enhance their characters. Didn't we hear that the World Title "changed" Eric Young? Perhaps TNA wants a couple of former champions in the mix to keep us on the edge.

EC3's campaign segment in the ring was classic. I think most of us knew there would be an interruption. Mr. Anderson had to point out that title shots are not given to those who "campaign" or politic for one. The segment was entertaining. The good thing is that the campaign itself shows that TNA is getting closer to putting EC3 in the main event and see him as a World Champion. Right now TNA has all of these veterans claiming to be next in line who are former champions and one wrestler "campaigning" for a title shot. Perhaps the creative team wants us to believe the veterans are more worthy. We are getting closer to the middle of the year. This is EC3's year.

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