Elimination Chamber By Numbers


Sunday sees the return of a WWE fan favorite in terms of events, with the Elimination Chamber making it's comeback exclusively on the WWE Network this Sunday. The last piece I wrote about Elimination Chamber took a look at some of the most insane spots in the matches history. This time I wanted to do something different and look at the Elimination Chamber match itself by numbers. Every year WWE does a video package of the Royal Rumble in numbers and I thought it was only fitting that such a historic match and structure as the Elimination Chamber deserves similar credit and spotlighting.


With the Tag Team Championship and the Intercontinental Championship both being contested in the Elimination Chamber, I figured a good place to start is by looking at the number of Champions crowned in the chamber. So far a total of thirteen matches have seen a championship on the line and during this time we have seen a total of six title changes when a champion lost the match. What does that tell us? Well the odds of the New Day retaining their Tag Team Championships in this match is a rather unlikely, while there is a fair chance we will see a brand new Tag Team Champion crowned. Of course the odds of New Day winning overall are much less so the odds statistically are totally against them. A Tag Team Championship match has never been contested in the Elimination Chamber though so it will be interesting to see if New Day can defy the odds.

The Elimination Chamber itself is a dangerous and deadly structure that can inflict severe damage on the combatants so it was only fitting the next stat I look at here is the number of injuries incurred during the match. The first ever match held at Survivor Series 2002 saw injuries sustained to Rob Van Dam, who blew out his knee after hitting a Five Star Frog Splash off the top of a pod on Triple H, who was also injured following the move which saw swelling on the inside of his throat that put pressure on his oesophagus and trachea. The 2010 WWE Championship match that took place saw Sheamus reportedly suffer a concussion, although I am unable to verify this. Despite the dangers this match poses with all the steel on the floor and the frame along with those chambers that seemingly can survive a Goldberg Spear, the injuries tend to be very few and far between but the danger is something that is always a concern for the superstars in the match.

Elimination Chamber

Of course I would be crazy not to look at the number of actual matches held in the chamber over the years. The total number of Elimination Chamber matches over the years so far contested within the structure is an incredible seventeen, with all seventeen of the matches being contested for one of WWE's top tier Championships, or for a shot at one of the top tier Championships. This years event is the first time any title other than one of the top tier belts will be contested in the structure which is significant in itself as I would like to see more championship matches contested within the structure. It is the true test of any champion to be able to survive a match against five other opponents who all want the same outcome and defending the titles in Elimination Chamber matches once a year certainly wouldn't feel like overkill for me. If anything I think it would really make the event feel that bit more special.

The final statistic I want to look at concerns the competitors in the matches themselves so I want to look at who has competed in the most matches in the matches history. Out of the seventeen matches so far Chris Jericho holds the record for appearing in the most matches with eight appearances and eliminating ten other superstars, but he has only ever won the match once. If you want to look at who holds the most victories in the Chamber then look no further than WWE CEO Triple H, who has won an impressive four out of six matches inside the Chamber. Of the competitors headed into Sunday's match the man with the most experience going in is a tie between R-Truth and Sheamus, who have both competed in the match three times but have never won. Sheamus holds the slight advantage of the two men having eliminated two opponents in previous matches so it will certainly give him the advantage when it comes to wanting to become the new Intercontinental Champion.


The last Elimination Chamber match was held in February 2014, and it's great to finally see this amazing match back on our screens even if it ends up being just a one-off occasion. It's going to be good to see some other championship matches contested within the structure and the beauty of the match is it is very difficult to predict who is going to win with so many great stars involved. With the two matches coming up on Sunday, I look forward to seeing what the tag team match can offer us as seeing so many bodies in the match at the same time will certainly be interesting to see. Elimination Chamber is one of my favorite matches in WWE, and I hope that the event lives up to the high expectations of fans around the world.

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