Evaluating The Elimination Chamber Outcomes


Typically, I write a Fantasy Card around this time, but it is a rare occasion where I have no problem with the card WWE is put together. Sure I would have made some slight changes, but overall I am very pleased, and any issues I have with the card are minor and don’t justify an article about them.

The Elimination Chamber is one of the best gimmicks WWE has come up with. The simple concept of a dome structure housing six superstars that will be released periodically throughout the match is great, and allows for some interesting set ups. Not to mention that the structure itself is a punishing beast. Sure some of the Elimination Chamber’s typical troupes are over used, and have become underwhelming (aka throwing someone through the pods), but it is still fun to watch nonetheless. Come this Sunday we make Elimination Chamber history with not one but two chamber matches. For the first time ever, the Tag Team Championships and the Intercontinental Championship will be defended inside the steel structure. It’s time to break down the odds of who will walk out champion, and the future impact that can have on the WWE.



This is the match I am personally excited for. This adds a whole new dynamic to the Elimination Chamber. Now you could have anywhere from 4-12 men in the chamber at once. To add to that craziness, everyone will have a teammate that won’t betray them, so we will see a lot of break ups and double team maneuvers only dreamed about before this. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this match open the show.

So let’s go ahead and eliminate the teams who have no chance at winning Sunday. Los Matadors, and The Ascension. Los Matadors are probably my least liked team on the roster. Their racist gimmick reeks of the early 90’s, and a clear sign of the emptying tank that is Vince’s creative and innovative mind. They are nothing more than placeholders for when WWE wants to add more tag teams into the mix. As for The Ascension, they may have won on the kickoff show at the last pay per view, but WWE has not backed them much since their debut. They are the heel equivalent of Los Matadors as tag team placeholders. My biggest dislike on this card is that Luke Harper and Erick Rowan weren’t included in this match. They would have been a better addition than either of these two teams (especially Los Matadors).

I’m very happy to see The Prime Time Players in this match. Their promos are quite cheesy, yet have a unique charm to them that stand out. I don’t see them winning the chamber, but this is their chance to establish themselves as strong future contenders, if they can make a mark in the dangerous structure.

That leaves three teams left: New Day, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, and Lucha Dragons. All three have strong cases for victory, and would all be great champions going forward. Lucha Dragons could win if WWE wanted to go with an unpredictable win, but I fear they are too young as a tag team to mainstream audiences. I do see them holding gold before the year is up. Cesaro and Kidd are extremely talented, and claiming the titles back here would be a great way to establish yourself as the dominant tag team, but New Day I feel still have a lot of steam with them. A win would increase their ego and infuriate the crowd. So the question begs, does WWE want to reward Kidd and Cesaro as the greatest tag team and give them this landmark victory, or do they want to continue to ride this New Day train and give a new team the victory over the champs down the road. Depending on the route WWE takes decides who walks out as champions. In my personal opinion, it should go to Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. Beating New Day in the Elimination Chamber wouldn’t end their rivalry, but would be the turning point for its demise, it gives New Day a reason to continue ranting about how they have been mistreated, and could launch some new teams into title contention. It is the best scenario overall.



In an effort to try and bring prestige back to the Intercontinental Championship, WWE awarded the title to Daniel Bryan, but fate sidelined the fan-favorite yet again, and now we get this historic Elimination Chamber. WWE has done a great job of including superstars who all have a claim for the title. Well, all except one. Really why is R-Truth in this match. He is a comic character, and will probably be the first one eliminated. He won’t win this match at all. That leaves five powerful contenders for the belt: King Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, Rusev, Sheamus, and Ryback.

After R-Truth, the next two superstars that don’t have the odds in their favor of winning are Dolph Ziggler and Rusev. It isn’t that they aren’t worthy to be champion, but that WWE is pairing the two in a feud together over Lana. Adding the Intercontinental Championship on top of that adds nothing to that rivalry or the title. It won’t help the belt, but bury it even more as a prop instead of a prize to fight over. John Cena has done an impeccable job of showcasing pride in a championship, and all of his title matches are increasing the belt’s value in the eyes of the audience, even if he defends it every week.

King Barrett is the next on the chopping block. Only due to the fact that WWE seems to not have any confidence in his ability to hold a championship. His King of The Ring win should hold merit, but it seems to be more of a gimmick rebirth than an actual push. Hopefully he can restore his character over time, but he is not the man needed to restore a championship as of now.

The final two men are Ryback and Sheamus. Both have become insanely popular since WrestleMania. Both men would be able to showcase dominance and pride with holding the title. These two men are basically two sides of the same coin, and I can see them feuding over the belt. But this title needs a long lasting champion to give it prestige, not just a feud. The man who I feel is more capable of holding onto that title is Sheamus. Ryback is already hurt, and I don’t see WWE risking putting a title on an already injured superstar; especially, when you have a proven heel like Sheamus as an option. I do believe Ryback will hold the title by the end of the year,but Sheamus’ stock has been rising high, and a title win would separate him from Dolph Ziggler so that Dolph can feud with Rusev, and Sheamus can continue to be a dominant heel with gold.

What do you guys think of my Chamber Evaluations? Are you convinced, or do you think someone else should hold the gold? Let me know in the comments below, and have a good day.

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