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The Evolution Of Seth Rollins

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Monday night saw a shocking segment take place that sent reverberations throughout the WWE Universe when Seth Rollins turned on the Shield and became the newest member of Evolution. Quite honestly I can say I did not see that one coming at all, and I'm sure the majority of you as fans would probably say the same thing. If anyone was going to turn I expected it to be Ambrose or Reigns as Seth has always been the one of the group I somehow never expected WWE to get behind in terms of a push. It's not that he doesn't have the skills or the talent, it just sometimes seems WWE never want to get behind someone the size or style of Rollins and they are still sticking to the muscular prototype we have become accustomed to over the years. However this move now opens up so many opportunities for this bright young star. Are we about to witness the growing evolution of Seth Rollins into a WWE main event star?

Rollins is no stranger to the majority of wrestling fans as through his early career on the independents he built up a reputation for being one of the top workers in the industry. His career began in 2003 and he wrestled for various promotions up until 2007 when he most notably became a big name as Tyler Black in Ring of Honor. One thing was for sure; Seth was destined for greatness and it was always only a question of when and not if he would get to WWE. He had notable matches in Ring of Honor with names such as the Briscoe Brothers, Jimmy Jacobs, Austin Aries, Davey Richards, and Roderick Strong, and even had a run as the world champion of the company in February 2010 before he left after signing a developmental deal with WWE.

He initially reported to Florida Championship Wrestling in 2010 before the developmental side of WWE went through a revamp and became NXT. Rollins made his debut on the second episode of the show, defeating Japanese wrestler Jiro. From there Rollins career would reach new heights when he was entered into and won the NXT Gold Rush tournament to become the inaugural NXT champion. His matches were always the ones I began to look forward to of anyone else on the roster as his high flying acrobatic style made Seth a unique character to watch. It was while in NXT that Rollins grew and really worked hard and a lot of what he did in the ring reminded me of stars like Shawn Michaels, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan, and that's not a bad list of people to be thought of in. It was while in NXT as the champion that Seth got his major break onto the main roster, where he would become part of one of wrestling's most impressive and powerful factions.

The Shield were bought in as a vigilante style group who were out to correct the injustices that happened in WWE and initially the group were working for Paul Heyman and CM Punk, before they began working for Triple H and the Authority. The Shield were a dominant force in WWE throughout their initial run, going on a six month undefeated streak. Rollins was always a stand out for the group as he began to improve his in-ring performances each time we would see him. The dominance of the Shield grew and this led to Rollins and Reigns capturing tag team gold which they held for 148 days before losing the titles to Cody Rhodes and Goldust. Rollins and the Shield eventually turned on the Authority before Wrestlemania 30, where it had at one point appeared the group were destined to split up due to tension being caused within the group. Rollins stood out during this time as he was the one who kept Ambrose and Reigns in check and together, making sure that the group remained a strong unit who would continue their dominance into their latest feud with the group Evolution.

From around the time of the Royal Rumble onward it appeared that Rollins recent performances not only stepped up a gear, they down right stole the show. He really began to become the standout of the group in the ring and on the mic and fans began to take a bigger shine to Rollins than they previously had before. His high spots at the recent Extreme Rules and Payback pay per views were particular moments that made fans really appreciate just how great a performer Rollins is. It's not just the high spots that made Rollins stand out, his in ring skills and performances have made him appear to be a unique talent and for me put him head and shoulders above both Reigns and Ambrose and helped brand him as the architect of the Shield. I enjoy the work of both Ambrose and Reigns, don't get me wrong but Seth really is the standout of the group for me because he is the one member of the group no one expected to get near a top position.

The big question now on everyone's minds is where will Rollins go as part of Evolution? People are wondering what Rollins motives for turning on the Shield are and it sounds like we may get some answers this coming week on Smackdown. For me it comes down to either Triple H has something on him and has forced Seth's hand, it's all a ploy and Rollins is working to bring down Evolution from the inside, or this is a legitimate turn and he will become the next hand picked star for Triple H to push. For me I hope it's a legitimate turn and Rollins takes his chance to really show what he can do. I wouldn't be surprised to see him get a spot on the Money in the Bank ladder match and maybe even going on to win it. This presents an excellent opportunity for Rollins to learn from Triple H and Randy Orton and really step up his game even more. His mic skills have always been bashed by fans but I see that he has talent and can put on a great promo when he gets the opportunity and I think having someone like Triple H, who has a great mind for the business will only help him improve more. It's a turn no one saw coming but one thing is for certain about Rollins; he knows how to adapt and evolve. Most of all Rollins has a great opportunity at his feet to show the world what he really can do and I fully expect this moment to be the true beginning of the evolution of Seth Rollins.

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