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Expectations For Balor vs. Rollins, Concern About Orton, Why Eva Marie Failed Wellness Test, Lesnar Rips McGregor

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Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor

- There are extremely high expectations for Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins at tomorrow night’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. I heard one WWE star suggest it has the potential to be similar to Steve Austin vs. Bret Hart, a pivotal point in launching the career of Balor. The plan for weeks was to put Balor over and he’s the current favorite but we’ll be tracking the odds all the way down until the start of the pay-per-view. We’ve been told they’ll be given a lot of match time.

- Randy Orton has admitted to concern about suffering an injury during his match against Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam on Sunday. When the match was first announced last month, many in WWE questioned the decision because of Orton just coming back from a bad shoulder injury and there being issues with his neck (it was even feared he could need neck fusion surgery, something Orton denied). Lesnar is known to work stiff and the chances of Orton re-injuring his shoulder or making his neck worse are high.

- Eva Marie tested positive for amphetamines, which triggered her WWE Wellness Policy violation, according to a new report by According to their report, Marie claims she has a prescription for Adderall and will appeal the punishment. Below is the statement Eva Marie has released about her suspension:

“I am disappointed that this suspension has occurred, yet understand and respect that WWE upholds their Wellness Policy to the letter and won't compromise on its integrity… I violated policy by not turning in portions of required paperwork in the time frame WWE Medical deemed timely. I look forward to my return!”

- Marie's husband, Jonathan Coyle, tweeted this shortly after Eva Marie's suspension was announced: "When the public finds out why my wife was unjustly suspended they will be absolutely outraged! Official statement and facts coming soon." The tweet was later deleted. There shouldn't be outrage as both Adam Rose and Roman Reigns were suspended for 30 days after testing positive for amphetamines. Remember, Rose even tweeted a doctor's note about being prescribed Adderall and it didn't work out so well.

- The Big Show, Kane and The Miz rang the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange on Friday. You can view photos that Show tweeted at this link.

- We continue to get questions about the status of Jerry Lawler. Lawler is adjusting to his new role from the commentary desk to the Pre-Shows. He saw the move as a demotion and would rather be on commentary. It’s unknown if his new assignment was punishment for his domestic violence arrest but it was certainly not a move that King wanted.

- The Observer News Enterprise recently interviewed Booker T, who talked about WWE finally opening up the door to independent talent. Here’s an excerpt from the interview: "I think it's going to be more than just one guy. WWE finally opened up the door to the independent world, letting those guys come in and show exactly what they have. I've always thought there was a lot of untapped talent out in the independent world. They weren't the prototypical WWE Superstar, but maybe they are the 'People's Champion.' I think now with guys that have been around like (Finn) Bálor, who has been around a long time. Kevin Owens, Neville — those guys have been around a really long time. You've got guys like Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, (Austin) Aries and guys like that who are getting a chance to come in, as well. They get a chance to perform on the big stage. You see A.J. Styles doing very, very well since he finally got a shot at going out there and performing. You actually see a guy who has pretty much a Southern accent, can get on the microphone and deliver a good promo. There's going to be a lot of guys actually that are going to be coming up. I feel like the business is in good hands for the years to come, the Wrestlemanias to come and the pay per views to come.”

- Dolph Ziggler is getting a his own segment on “Kennedy Nation” on FOX Business. More details on that are available at this link.

- There will be talent from the WWE Cruiserweight Classic at tonight’s WWE NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II. It’s unknown if they’ll be used but we’ve heard Kota Ibushi is one of the names expected to be there.

- Bill Goldberg was at the WWE 2K17 Kickoff Party last night in New York City. He actually arrived with Paul Heyman. Here’s a photo of Heyman with Brock at this event:

">@BrockLesnar is here with his advocate

#WWE2K17 cover star @BrockLesnar is here with his advocate @HeymanHustle!

— WWE 2K18 (@WWEgames) August 19, 2016


— WWE 2K17 (@WWEgames)

#WWE2K17 cover star @BrockLesnar is here with his advocate @HeymanHustle!

— WWE 2K18 (@WWEgames) August 19, 2016

">August 19, 2016

We haven’t seen a photo of Goldberg and Lesnar together at the event.

- Brock Lesnar told Sam Roberts at last night’s WWE 2K17 event that he takes “sh*ts” bigger than Conor McGregor. You can watch his rant in the video embedded below:

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