Fan Response: TNA Wrestling Does Have Potential


One of the things I loved to do on is to have readers send me their articles to be published right here on the site! Why? It's simple - It gives a "Fan Response" approach to TNA Wrestling/Impact Wrestling. It can give a different perspective from the other writers. With that being said, this article was sent to me by reader Adam Downs:

Hello, and welcome to something I call the Five Points of TNA. Essentially, every month or two, I'll look back at the shows and try to determine what exactly were the bright spots and the weak spots from TNA. This month, I'll focus on their Tag Team division and Knockouts division. Maybe next month I'll focus on their X division, but that's going to be done at a later time.

The first point will be something TNA has done that I, as a tag team fan, wasn't sure of. That was make their division a three team race essentially. Last year, we saw The Hardys face The Wolves in arguably one of the best matches from the summer. They followed that up with a great series between them and Team 3D, ending in the "Match of the Year" - Their Full Metal Mayhem showdown. Now, it's between The Hardys, The Wolves, and The Revolution. Now, reasons why this is a strong division is because you actually see a story developing between all three teams. The Revolution wants to use their numbers, and in an effort to neutralize the numbers, The Wolves and Hardys have to work together. If anything, the only way to make the division stronger would be a return from both Bad Influence and Generation Me, and imagine the matches those five teams could have.

The second point is one that bothers me. When you look at their Knockout division, you don't see any decent options for new feuds or anything. As a fan of Taryn Terrell's, I'll say this: she is a great option to be the face of the Knockouts, but aside from a feud with Awesome Kong and Angelina Love, she's either feuded with the rest or had some sort of run-in with them. This is where trying to work with an all women wrestling company would benefit TNA in the long run, as we could see a lot of great matches. Heck, if Discovery is as high on TNA as I think they are, then the show(s) TNA works with would gain a chance at having their PPVs, IPPVs, or shows promoted.

This third point is one that'll garner some debate, and that is TNA's growth. As a fan, I want to see it grow into a force strong enough to challenge WWE. But right now, they have zero chance of growing unless they find a way to use the spoilers to their advantage. As someone who reads the spoilers and watches the shows, some episodes don't seem all that great on paper, but are done beautifully. Like when AJ Styles helped out Main Event Mafia during the summer of Aces & Eights (which was a great idea), that show didn't look good on paper. But, TNA found the correct formula for that show and it was one of their stronger episodes. Until they either use the spoilers to their advantage, or they can afford going live each and every week, there won't be any decent growth for TNA in America.

This fourth point is done out of response to the return to Orlando. Use it for something special. Use it for a place to possibly have an induction ceremony for the latest entrant into the Hall of Fame. Use it for a possible site for an actual Hall being built. Don't go back just because it's cheap. Let Orlando symbolize something important is happening for the company.

Now, this is the point that I hope TNA does. Show the unbreakable spirit. Show that they have no surrender. Show that when everything is thrown against them, they will band together and remain standing at the end of the day just like America did after Pearl Harbor and 9/11 (no debates on those, just used as examples. I can't really think of any for European countries or Asian countries). Use a military base, maybe even a ship, and put on a show to benefit the members of the Armed Forces and the Wounded Warrior Project. They served our country and now it's our time to serve them. Give them a great show, donate some of the profits to help Wounded Warriors, and just show that when everything is thrown at them, they have someone who wants to help them out.

Those are my five points for January. Next time, we will cover February and possibly March. Hope you all enjoyed this article, and hopefully I'll be able to post more articles sooner rather than later.

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