The Fandangoing Wave Is Sweeping The World


Leading up to Wrestlemania, people were trashing Fandango. Everywhere you turned somebody had something bad to say about the wrestler. The first couple weeks we saw his promos, I was little annoyed, but when he started coming out and refused to wrestle when people couldn't pronounce Fahn-Dahn-Go, things started getting interesting. Some people got madder, other people became more annoyed, I'll admit I laughed. Okay I was also a little annoyed, it wasn't what I was expecting, so I felt a little put out. I really wanted to see what Curtis could do in the ring, but each week he left us hanging. Pretty soon it was clear that Fandango was not going to debut in the ring before Wrestlemania, and that really seemed to upset a lot of people. I have to admit knowing he was starting in the ring with Jericho at Wrestlemania, I figured he was in like Flynn. Sadly that was not to be. I have to say that Fandango the look rather lackluster Wrestlemania. I was really expecting so much more from him because I know he has more to give.

But then the RAW after Wrestlemania happened, and everything changed. We all know by this point how crazy the post-Wrestlemania RAW fans really can be, but they went above and be on the call of duty this year. Those fans took what could have been a sour debut from Fandango and made it into something we will always remember. The fans may have been loud, and upset a couple of the wrestlers in the ring, but they cemented Fandango's future in the WWE. Okay maybe they cemented Fandango's music in the WWE. There's been few other wrestlers whose entrance music has been as captivating as Fandango's. The fans have been known to sing along with R-Truth's entrance music, and yell, "Sucks" at Kurt Angle, but when was the last time the whole audience was dododoing along with entrance music? Not only were they excited about him and his music when he came out, but they continued singing throughout the rest of the show.

The post-Wrestlemania RAW is always big on making a move, a phrase, a wrestler, or something else terribly absurd become a household name for all wrestling fans. It was this fan-base that made Bryan's "YES!" "YES!" "YES!" something that WWE fans, and all wrestling fans, chant at shows. We honestly never know what these post-Wrestlemania RAW fans will grasp onto, but we're pretty well guaranteed it will be interesting. All over the place people are posting comments and videos about this group, or that team, Fandangoing. The Houston Texas Cheerleaders posted their Fandangoing video, and I'm sure there will be lots more to follow. It seems as though Fandangoing is going to be taking the world by storm!

Because of these post Wrestlemania RAW fans, Fandango and his music ChaChaLaLa, seems to be heading for the stars. ChaChaLaLa broke the Top 200 on Amazon, managed to hit #11 on the iTunes list in the UK, and topped out at #3 in the USA on the iTunes Soundtracks List. It's the best selling WWE track on iTunes, and I'm sure Jim Johnston is glowing about his latest piece of work for the WWE.

While ChaChaLaLa seems to be doing wonderfully, the fans are snapping it off off iTunes, and Fandangoing all over the place, I'm still left wondering about Fandango. He has a wonderful character, and plays it to the hilt, but we still haven't seen much of his ring work. Does Fandango have what it takes to keep up in the ring? Knowing where he started, and knowing what his original trainer can do in the ring, I expect a lot from this young man, but we've seen little of it so far. I keep crowing about his fabulously unique leg drop, but that's the best of what we've seen so far. Character, when played right, is an amazing thing, and Fandango knows how to play it, now he just needs to work the ring him back it up.

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