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Fast Lane (2015) Fantasy Card


If you are new to Fantasy Card allow me to introduce you to a fun and expressive monthly piece on an alternative card for every PPV in WWE. This is my personal card and booking, but I have some restraints on what I can do. I can't contradict any outcomes from the previous PPV, and I can't use any Superstars that are inactive or injured. You will notice that some of my bookings will align with WWE's, but more often than not they won't. With all of that established, let's take a look at how I feel the first steps towards WrestleMania should have been taken. Let's get booking.

Pre-Show: The Miz vs. Sheamus

This would just be a quick match between two guys who deserve to be on the card. A returning Sheamus would go over, but the notable thing to take from this match would be the final nail in the separation of Miz and Mizdow. Leading into Fast Lane with Sheamus and Mizdow celebrating over a frustrated Miz is a great way to truly kick off the show.

Winner - Sheamus

Match #1: Main Event Contenders Match - Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

In this scenario, I would have Seth Rollins cash in, and beat a freshly attacked Brock Lesnar on the Smackdown special (seeing as Raw was snowed out). Oh, but Zeppelin did you not see Royal Rumble, Lesnar is an unstoppable beast. How can Seth take him out. Simple, Lesnar comes on Smackdown and calls out Reigns. After some words, they brawl. Then comes John Cena to make the save, but that fails. Dean Ambrose is next. Then Daniel Bryan runs out there. Brock is still standing, and Heyman mockingly professes that none of your heroes can stop his beast. Out runs Randy Orton (who is cleared to come back) . It eventually turns into a 4 on 1 brawl, until The Authority comes for the save. They clear the ring, only to allow Seth Rollins to sneak in a win. This leaves us with needing to establish who deserves a title shot. Reigns has his shot at WrestleMania leaving the other four to qualify for the chance to be in a #1 Contenders Match to fight the champ at Fast Lane. Bryan and Orton would advance, but the Yes Movement would move on for the chance to stop The Future, Seth Rollins.

Winner - Daniel Bryan

Match #2: Tag Team Championship Match - Cesaro & Tyson Kidd vs. The Usos (c)

WWE has been doing a good job in building these two teams. Nothing of importance would come from this, just a solid title defense from the tag team champions.

Winners - The Usos (Retains)

Match #3: Fatal 4 Way Intercontinental Championship Match - Erick Rowan vs. Luke Harper vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett (c)

This is yet another match thrown together to get these great talents on the card. This match could be used to set up future WrestleMania matches, or could be used as a place holder till something else comes around. Either way, Barrett would sneak away with another victory by capitalizing on the efforts of the other three superstars.

Winner - Bad News Barrett (Retains)

Match #4: Street Fight United States Championship Match - Ryback vs. Rusev (c)

This seemed to be the path WWE was going not too long ago, and it is the path I would prefer it stay on. Rusev's streak needs to end soon, and Cena doesn't need that build. Why not give it to Ryback and let him try and add some prestige to the United States title in the process. With this match being a Street Fight we can help make his victory believable and keep Rusev strong. In the background of this feud have John Cena there being mocked by Rusev. Cena agreed to be in Ryback's corner for Fast Lane, and help build a program between the two towards WrestleMania 31. This way Cena will cause the loss to Rusev's streak, Ryback can get the credit, we get a hardcore and hard fought match, and no one is buried in the process. Plus, we set up Rusev vs. Cena at WrestleMania, where we can really give Rusev a rub he needs.

Winner - Ryback (NEW Champion)

Match #5: The Boogeyman vs. Bray Wyatt

This would just be all about looks, and not about substance to be honest. Imagine the build between these two though. Bray's incredible promos, mixed with he bizarre and spooky presence of The Boogeyman. I would pay to see that. Of course, this is just a short detour from Bray Wyatt's WrestleMania build, but it would be a fun ride regardless. In the end, the Eater of Worlds would conquer the nightmare that is The Boogeyman, and then eat his worms in a sign of true dominance over the master of mind games and creepiness.

Winner - Bray Wyatt

Match #6: Big Show & Kane vs. Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns

Another blow off from their confrontation at the Royal Rumble. Ambrose and Reigns would come out on top of the muscle behind The Authority, but the real story developing would be Ambrose's desire to be in the main event instead of Reigns. A very similar situation between Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns right now. I have a deep want to see all three members of The Shield compete for the title at WrestleMania. So this would be the beginning of Ambrose's march towards being inserted into the main event at WrestleMania 31. But first, the two must be allies, before they can be foes.

Winners - Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

Match #7: Fatal 4 Way Divas Championship Match - Natalya vs. Paige vs. Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella

This would capitalize on the tag match these four had at the Royal Rumble. Continue to tease that everyone, even Brie Bella, wants the Divas Championship. That way we see alliances broken multiple times throughout the match, only to have Nikki Bella retain with some small assistance from her sister. If Nikki Bella is gonna lose the belt, it should be at WrestleMania.

Winner - Nikki Bella (Retains)

Match #8: WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match - Daniel Bryan vs. Seth Rollins (c)

Think of the match on Raw, but way more time, and way more intense. That is how epic this match would be. In my scenario I want to see Rollins, Reigns, and Ambrose for the title, so Bryan won't gain a victory here, but that wouldn't be his fault. As Daniel Bryan sets up his finishing blow, we hear the thunderous sound of Brock Lesnar's music hit. Daniel begins to knock back the titan. The ref is taken out and this gives Lesnar full range to get revenge on Seth Rollins for stealing his title. Heyman begins preaching about how Lesnar deserves his rematch (something he has been doing for weeks now). Daniel Bryan eventually gains the upper hand, and sends the beast back. Brock is then restrained by security as they take him out the building. In the wake of the chaos, Rollins takes advantage one more time, and steals a victory from Daniel Bryan to retain the title. This sets up Rollins vs. Reigns (eventually Ambrose), and sets up Daniel Bryan vs. Brock Lesnar.

Winner - Seth Rollins (Retains)

With this card, it is a true detour from WrestleMania, but one that sets up many matches and puts on some incredible contests in the process. If you enjoyed this card let me know in the comments, if you hated it let me know. I love to hear from you guys, and ever since I joined WNW a year ago, this monthly piece has become my favorite to write, so feel free to give me your ideas and opinions. Have a good day.

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