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Favorites To Win At SummerSlam, Do HHH & Vince Get Along?, McMahon Supporting Trump, Is NXT A Fad?

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Do you have the favorites to win at SummerSlam after the initial betting odds have been released for SummerSlam?

The initial betting odds have been released for WWE SummerSlam and they are as follows - The Undertaker (over Brock Lesnar), Seth Rollins (over John Cena), Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns (over The Wyatts), Kevin Owens (over Cesaro), Sheamus over Randy Orton, Stephen Amell & Neville (over King Barrett & Stardust), Rusev (over Dolph Ziggler), Ryback (over Big Show & The Miz), PCB and The New Day. I wouldn’t place a lot of stock in betting odds for professional wrestling. Just when it looks like you’re going to win big, WWE is going to swerve and you’re going to lose your lunch. We post the odds from time to time so people can get a look at what the oddsmakers are predicting but I wouldn’t put much more into them.

Do Triple H and Vince McMahon get along?

I believe the relationship between Triple H and Vince McMahon is complicated. Families don’t always get along and when you pack in two different visions between son-in-law and father-in-law where there is a 20+ year age difference, there are going to be issues. I haven’t heard how they are getting along lately but it’s safe to say they make things work for the good of the company. One of my pet peeves is when someone says they can’t wait for Hunter to take over for Vince because I don’t think it’s that easy. While Hunter has endeared himself to the IWC with the success of NXT, I don’t believe a transition in power will be as seamless as some think. Further, I think a lot of the people that clamor for Triple H over Vince, will still be highly critical when Vince does finally step down. Triple H has a good vision for the future and it will be interesting to see if there is an official transition in power before Vince dies and how Stephanie McMahon fits into it all. All and all, I believe Hunter and Vince have a relationship that is up and down, depending on what is going on. They have very stressful jobs and it’s important to remember families don’t always get along.

Does Vince McMahon support Donald Trump in his run for the President of the United States of America?

Vince McMahon and Donald Trump have been good friends for years. I believe there have been some hiccups in that friendship but it’s worth noting that both “follow each other” on Twitter. I don’t know if Vince backs Trump for President but given the fact they are friends and Vince is a Republican, it would not be surprising if he did. In fact, Vince and Linda McMahon contributed monetarily to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign back in 2012. While I’m not a Trump supporter, I believe he’s made politics extremely entertaining. I would actually love for Vince to run opposite of him, talk about must-see TV when it came down to a Trump vs. McMahon debate. They could probably even put it on the WWE Network.

Do you believe NXT is more or less a fad that won’t be as sustainable in the long-term?

I believe WWE NXT is sustainable to the hardcore IWC fans that are consumers of Ring of Honor, Evolve/DGUSA and other promotions like it. With every stellar NXT show, the expectations get higher and higher but somehow, they always seem to deliver. This Saturday is poised to do just that with a jam-packed Barclays Center featuring some of the best up and coming talents in the world. I actually believe WWE has more pressure with SummerSlam than they do NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. If the latter is outstanding, the former is going to have very high expectations to live up to.

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