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Feast Or Fired: The 5 Things We Learned From Last Friday's Impact


Another week of Destination Impact, and, honestly, I just don't know what to say. So what did we learn last week from Impact?? Here are the 5 things that we learned:

1- Havok isn't causing any havoc: 


TNA has been trying so hard to convince us that Havok is one big ass threat that will change the Knockout's landscape. Last week's episode proved something to me at least, Havok is a flop. I'm not interested in Havok. I don't see her as a threat, and, honestly, I don't even think that the fans give a damn about her. The idea of having this giant force who causes chaos and stuff has became a cliche and most times it doesn't end well. Remember The Great Khali?? Without an interesting story no one will give a damn. Kane was given this bone chilling story that made people want to see more, that's why it worked with Kane. Even Havok's in-ring work is not that great and by no means is entertaining to watch. Don't get me wrong, she might have potential and she might have more to show but she just doesn't click. On the bright side, I do like her feud with Kong, why?? Because it's great to see Kong again. I love awesome Kong. Unlike Havok, she is really interesting to watch and the fact that they are trying to create story lines in the Knockouts division is a good thing. Will I be sad if Havok gets released or something?? I don' really care and if people don't care then you have a problem. 

2 - I'm with Spud: 


There is this thing that we call character development that makes you give a damn about someone. So, I give a damn about Spud and I'm so happy that TNA is giving this guy a chance to shine and prove himself. A shot for the X-Division title is a great thing for Spud. No one can deny that he played a huge role last year in making Impact watchable along side Ethan Carter III, so it was a matter of time before making him compete for a title. The real question now is what will happen to Spud?? Will he win the title?? From what I've been seeing in the last couple of weeks, The Beat Down Clan are booked as a dominate force that is there to stay, so I don't think Spud will win the title if he decided to cash the briefcase soon, especially if he still has some unfinished business with Ethan.

3 - Hole in the Sky: 

OK, have to admit I wasn't expecting that at ALL.


I don't really know what will happen to Velvet Sky, but, from what I've been reading, it seems like Velvet's time with TNA is actually up. Last year wasn't Velvet's year at all since she was overshadowed by her friend Angelina and The Beautiful People reunion killed her momentum. I am not happy at all. I'm a huge Velvet fan so it's really sad to see her go like this. From what I've been reading, it seems like Velvet wants to go to the indies and have a lighter schedule or retire. Till now, nothing is certain. I'm depending on rumors here and if these rumors are right then the best of luck to Velvet and thank you for everything. Now all we have to do is to wait and see.

4 - Unholy alliance: 


Thank God TNA didn't take the Pokemon route when they decided to pair up Angle with Roode and Lashley. While I'm not sure whether or not Lashley will join the other guys on their quest to bring down The Beat Down Clan, I like what happened between these guys. We all know that Roode wants his title back and that he has this grudge against Lashley and the way that Impact ended made things really clear, "We have a common enemy, yes, but you and I know that we have some unfinished business." Roode didn't want to join forces with Angle because he wants to kick Eric Young's ass, but at the end of the day they have a common enemy and they can't take them down on their own. I like how they made everyone have their own agendas but their survival and goals could only be reached if they join forces. A good and interesting build-up that somewhat makes sense.

5 - Ripoff?? 


So, this was supposed to be the main event, a Street Fight between these two. TNA promoted this even more than the Feast or Fired match and the result?? A big f%ck you to the fans.


The whole thing was bad and uninteresting. 3 minutes of brawling and that's it!! These two have a huge grudge but it wasn't used to make this segment memorable. Even the Knockouts had better brawls than this!! What pissed me off is that TNA made the whole thing big and brutal but it didn't lead anywhere. But, what saved the day was this:


By all means that was my favorite part of the show. The way Roode looked at the title was priceless. That is why Roode is a hell of a wrestler - He makes everything believable and interesting. Shitty segment but a memorable ending.


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