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Finally…. A Man Called Sting Calls WWE Home

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In the 14 years since WWE purchased WCW there was constant question every fan asked since March 26, 2001 until November 23, 2014 was When is Sting going to come to WWE, when will he appear on WWE Programming? For 13 years we didn’t have an answer. Sting decided time and again to not come to the largest professional wrestling company in the world and instead be a big fish in the tiny pond known as TNA. Maybe it was Sting’s Pride that he wanted to be the Biggest name in the industry to have never worked for Vince McMahon. Maybe Sting wasn’t sure how he’d be treated in the WWE Locker Room or that he wouldn’t be booked very well and made to look like a fool in WWE. The only person why Sting took so long to come to WWE is Sting himself. I wanted to write something on my feelings as a fan that watched the Money Night Wars and watched Sting finally seeing Sting in a WWE Ring.

But First a rather unnecessary History lesson. I grew up on watching both WWE and WCW. I was one of the channel flipper fans and would watch both programming. Sting was one of my favorites as he was spirited and entertaining and great in the ring. So when the doors closed on WCW one of the things I was looking forward too was seeing Sting in a WWE ring facing guys like Stone Cold, The Undertaker, The Rock, and other top wrestlers in WWE at the time. I was so sad when the Invasion angle came and went with no Sting. More guys from WCW would join the WWE Roster and there would still be no Sting. After a couple years of waiting I gave up thinking Sting must have retired rather then work for WWE.

Fast Forward a few years to 2009 when I started to look things up online and shed my Mark status, I discovered WNW and found out Sting didn’t retire just went to work for a company I had never heard of called TNA. Every Year there was a story that Sting and WWE were talking but nothing ever came of it. Eventually as a fan I lost hope and took on the opinion of I’ll believe it when I see it. Fast Forward to the summer of 2014 and WWE and Sting reach an business agreement to produce a DVD and Sting merchandise but no performance contract was ever announced. Sting made his first appearance for WWE at a Comic Con with Daniel Bryan, Hulk Hogan, and Paul Heyman.

So logically everything said that eventually the man, the myth, the legend himself would appear in a WWE Ring. The only question was when and how. Rumors began to fly the weekend of Survivor Series that Sting might make his debut, but with all things Sting I tuned it out think there was no way it would happen. Then the moment finally arrived. I lost my mind marking ot when I saw sing slowly walk out to the ring and get into a stare off with Triple H. He then proceeded to drop Triple H like a bad habit.

I'll never forget the moment of seeing Sting in WWE because it took so long for it to actually happen. It was the final chapter of WCW's jagged history coming to a close because the one man that was WCW in the good and bad times had finally made his way to WWE. As a Fan that grew up in the Monday Night Wars it was so weird to see. Sting looked in good shape and it made me wish he was younger so he could have had a run to see how things would go for him. I've really enjoyed the crowds reactions to Sting because a good portion of the fan base wasn't born yet or around when WWE was battling WCW every week. They will never understand why it's so important that this has finally happened. There is no denying that Sting is a huge star, always was and always will be, but WCW was really a southern and regional Wrestling company. WCW got to be a big deal but it never felt national and global like WWE did. Now Sting has finally taken his first steps into immortality by entering the land of the Giants. After working Wrestlemania 31, Next Year Sting needs to headline the WWE Hall Of Fame class. Anything less would be a mistake and would be a bit disrespectful.

And Finally Enjoy what you will get to see between Sting and Triple H. This match should be a good match and the feud will be very interesting. Be glad that you are watching the man called sting in his last hurrah on the grandest stage of them all. I also hope that he'll consider taking a trainers position with NXT maybe even replacing Bill Demott as head trainer to alleviate a lot of the problems there. Sting can teach the guys there about hard work and building and maintaining your persona and making tweaks to keep yourself relevant and fresh. Sting is a legend and I'm glad he's finally home in the WWE.

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