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The Five-Count: Joker's Wild 2 Review

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To start things off, I just want to say that I haven't watched TNA a whole lot, but I have been watching off and on for about a year now. TNA may be at a rough point right now, but I'm staying positive about the product as much possible. TNA Sacrifice was the first TNA pay-per-view I had ever watched live. And last night, I watched a One Night Only special for the first time. So I'm just going to go through the show and give you my thoughts in my Five-Count fashion!

Here's the results from the tournament:

  • Doug Williams & Magnus beat Gunner & Chris Sabin
  • Samoa Joe & Bad Bones beat Robbie E & Christopher Daniels
  • Rockstar Spud & Bully Ray beat Austin Aries & Mr. Anderson
  • The Wolves beat Bobby Roode & James Storm
  • Eric Young & EC3 beat Kazarian & Curry Man
  • Sam Shaw & Abyss beat Jesse Godderz & Zema Ion
  • Elimination Match: ODB, Madison Rayne, & Velvet Sky beat Gail Kim, Lei'd Tapa, & Alpha Female
  • EC3 won the Gauntlet Battle Royal

Superstar of the Night: EC3

So it may be biased to say that EC3 was star of the night since I'm a huge EC3 mark. But, EC3 had an impressive outing as he "teamed" with Eric Young to advance to the main event. The problem with his tag team match was the fact that there was lots of confusion on who was teaming with who because they kept switching partners throughout the match. EC3 would then go on and eliminate Magnus in the battle royal to win $100,000. The streak continues.

Match of the Night: The Wolves vs. Bobby Roode & James Storm

The Wolves continue to show the world that they are on of the best tag teams around. Roode and Storm were re-united for this tag team match. There wasn't a dull moment with this match. All four are great workers in the ring so I wasn't surprised this match was one of the best. The Wolves went over in this bout, which was the right choice.

The Highlight: Fun Tag Teams

This was the first show I had watched with the Joker's Wild theme, so I didn't know how the show would be put together. All of the tag teams were put together after their names were drawn at ringside. Doug Williams and Magnus was a nice touch since the show was taped in England. Rockstar Spud and Bully Ray was quite the pairing. The interaction between those two throughout the show was good comic relief. Obviously the Beer Money, Inc. reunion was a treat for wrestling fans who have been watching longer than I have. Sam Shaw and Abyss was another fun pairing.

The Lowlight: The Knockouts Match

The three-on-three elimination match wasn't terrible, but it wasn't fantastic. It felt weird with it being right before the main event and being among all of the other tag team matches. The elimination stipulation was a nice little touch, but other than that I wasn't overly impressed with this.

Prediction: I Will Watch More Of The One Night Only Specials

I was pleased with this One Night Only special, and I look forward to watching more! I've already went back and watched EC3 vs. Tommy Dreamer from Hardcore Justice 3. I'm excited to watch the upcoming show featuring the wonderful talents of the X-Division later this year, too. Joker's Wild 2 was a good show full of great wrestling. The only things I may have changed with the results is put Gunner and Austin Aries over in their tag matches, but that's me being a big fan of their work. I think having these special $15 events is good for both TNA and the fans.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my special review of Joker's Wild 2! You can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.

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