The Five-Count: One Night Only - Global Impact Japan Review


TNA Wrestling released One Night Only: Global Impact Japan on Friday, July 4th. The stars of TNA and Wrestle-1 clashed to put on some exciting action for their latest One Night Only pay-per-view. I'm back with a special edition of The Five-Count where I run down the star of the night, match of the night, the highlight and lowlight of the show, as well as a prediction for the future!

Star of the Night: Sanada

Sanada proved on this show that he is a great worker and he's definitely worthy of holding the X-Division Championship. Sanada vs. Aries was the longest match on the show, running nearly eighteen minutes. It was one of the best matches on the card and is worth checking out. Sanada wouldn't back down and gave it his all to win the TNA X-Division Championship!

Match of the Night: The Wolves vs. The BroMans vs. Team 246 (Tag Team Championships)

It was a tough choice for this spot. Bobby Roode vs. Funaki was great, as well as Magnus vs. Kai. I chose this match because there wasn't a dull moment as all three teams seemed to be flying all over the place with counters and big moves. It was disappointing to see The Wolves' first title reign come to an end here, but I was very pleased with the match. If you like tag team wrestling and fast-paced action, this match has all of that in thirteen minutes. Robbie E and Jessie Godderz won the match and walked out with the TNA Tag Team Titles.

The Highlight: Samoa Joe Helps The Great Muta

Between matches, there were taped promos from various workers on the show. I really enjoyed Samoa Joe's promo about wrestling The Great Muta in a six-man tag team match. I didn't understand it all, but there was a stipulation that The Great Muta's career was on the line. The match was full of great action as Samoa Joe teamed with Kono and Rene Dupree to face The Great Muta, Rob Terry, and Kea. Joe worked hard in the match, but when it looked like his team could end The Great Muta's career, Joe walked away allowing for The Great Muta and his team to win. It may be contrived and all storyline, but I loved the story it told.

The Lowlight: A Hardcore Match Ends In A Draw

Abyss faced Takayama in a Hardcore Match that lasted nearly seven minutes and ended in a draw. It may be a Japanese thing, but Abyss and Takayama were on the stage brawling and they "weren't listening " to the referee so the match was called off. I would've liked to seen it actually have a winner and more time, but it was decent for what it was.

Prediction: BFG In Tokyo Will Be A Success

I wasn't sure how this show would be as far as production and stuff like that. We had regular TNA commentators while there was a Japanese announcer and referee throughout the whole show. The view of the ring was different. I don't believe this is the same venue that BFG will be taking place in, but it was nice to see a preview for October's pay-per-view. I highly think that Bound For Glory will be a success and will feature great wrestling if they have more TNA vs. Wrestle-1 matches. My only concern is how the show will air due to the time differences between the U.S. and Japan.

Overall this was a great show. Lots of great wrestling all around. I think the two title changes made it slightly more interesting even though they occurred back in March. I hadn't seen any of the Japanese wrestlers before besides Sanada and The Great Muta, so it was great to see what the others brought to the table. I'm excited for TNA's next One Night Only pay-per-view, X-Travaganza 2, which will air on August 1st!

Below are the full results from Global Impact Japan:

  • Bad Influence def. Junior Stars
  • Gail Kim def. Madison Rayne
  • Hardcore Match: Abyss vs. Takayama ends in a draw
  • Funaki def. Bobby Roode
  • The Great Muta, Rob Terry, & Kea def. Samoa Joe, Kono, & Dupree
  • Tag Team Titles: The BroMans def. The Wolves and Team 246
  • X-Division Title: Sanada def. Austin Aries
  • TNA World Title: Magnus def. Kai

I hope you enjoyed the latest special edition of The Five-Count. If you watched Global Impact Japan, feel free to leave your comments below with your thoughts on the show. You can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.

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