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The Five-Count - One Night Only: Victory Road 2014 Review

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The Five-Count is back once again here on! This time, I will be reviewing the major takeaways from TNA's latest One Night Only pay-per-view, Victory Road. This monthly special featured several singles matches, two tag team matches, and a triple threat match as the TNA stars vied to get a spot in the main event gauntlet match for $50,000 and a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Star of the Night: Bobby Lashley

This was Lashley's first One Night Only appearance and his task was to take on the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe. We've seen Lashley and Joe against each other a few times this year on Impact and at Slammiversary. This match was well-worked and both Lashley and Joe showed us they are very versatile for their size, making it one of the best matches on the card. Lashley picked up the win with the spear and moved on to the main event. Lashley came in about half way through the gauntlet match and eventually met Abyss face-to-face in the middle of the ring. The shocker of the night came when Lashley and Abyss were eliminated by Robbie E and others. The former World Champion didn't make it to the end, but I thought he did a great job when he was in the ring.

Match of the Night: Eddie Edwards vs. DJ Z vs. Tigre Uno

This was the final qualifying match of the night. Up until this point, I felt like it was almost a waste of time and I'll get to that later in the the article. But this match made it worth the wait. We know that these three X-Division wrestlers are so talented and when you put them in the ring at the same time... we get magic. It was strange to see Edwards working alone, as his partner Davey Richards went under to Bram earlier in the show. Edwards made DJ Z tap to a half crab to win the match, but Tigre Uno was the one that really stood out to me in this match. Tigre Uno hasn't had "a lot" of success since signing with TNA, but he really adds to the already fantastic roster.

The Highlight: Rockstar Spud and Bully Ray

Bully Ray had to team with Rockstar Spud to take on The BroMans in a tag team qualifying match. The discussions and interaction between Bully Ray and Spud was hilarious. Spud tried to play the role of Devon throughout the match, but he wasn't doing his job quite right. In the end, Spud went heel on Bully Ray, trying to defend Dixie Carter. Spud let The BroMans take advantage of the situation, leading to Bully Ray being pinned, which also shocked me.

The Lowlight: The Menagerie

I've complained about The Menagerie a few times in my Xplosion eXamination. This time, they were featured in two different matches! James Storm and Kazarian beat Knux and The Freak in a rather boring tag team match. Later on, Samuel Shaw beat Crazzy Steve in what seemed to be the worst match of the night. Not only are their entrances way to stinking long, but their matches aren't entertaining either.

Shocker of the Night: Gunner Wins It All

Gunner surprisingly beat Magnus and then surprisingly went on to win the gauntlet match in the main event by pinning James Storm! Because Gunner is one of those rising stars that is kind of stuck in the midcard right now, I was pleasantly shocked to see Gunner pin two former World Heavyweight Champions and win the $50,000 and a future World Title shot. This was a great way to the end the show.

That's it for this review. This certainly wasn't my favorite One Night Only PPV out of the ones I've watched since Joker's Wild 2 in May. Feel free to leave a comment below with your thoughts on the show and my picks for the categories if you watched. You can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24. Below are the full results from Victory Road:

  • Austin Aries def. Kenny King
  • Bram def. Davey Richards
  • James Storm & Kazarian def. Knux & The Freak
  • Lashley def. Samoa Joe
  • Abyss def. Mr. Anderson
  • Jessie Godderz & Robbie E def. Bully Ray & Rockstar Spud
  • Gunner def. Magnus
  • EC3 def. Sanada
  • Samuel Shaw def. Crazzy Steve
  • Eddie Edwards def. DJ Z & Tigre Uno
  • Gunner won the Gauntlet Match

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