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The Five-Count: One Night Only - World Cup 2014 Review

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TNA Wrestling released another One Night Only pay-per-view this month. The latest one was called World Cup of Wrestling. Kurt Angle, Bobby Roode, Eric Young, and EC3 were chosen by the powers that be to be team captains. I really liked the concept for this event. The rules were that each team would compete in two singles matches, a tag team match, and a Knockouts match. The team with the most points advanced to the finals for a five-on-five tag team elimination match. The teams were:

* Team Angle: Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, Davey Richards, Sanada, and Madison Rayne
* Team Roode: Bobby Roode, James Storm, Samuel Shaw, Kenny King, and Angelina Love
* Team Young: Eric Young, Bully Ray, Gunner, Eddie Edwards, and ODB
* Team EC3: EC3, Magnus, Jessie Godderz, Robbie E, and Gail Kim

World Cup Results:

  • Eddie Edwards def. James Storm
  • Gail Kim def. Madison Rayne
  • The BroMans def. Mr. Anderson & Sanada
  • Eric Young def. Bobby Roode
  • Kurt Angle def. Magnus
  • Angelina Love def. ODB
  • EC3 def. Davey Richards
  • Bully Ray & Gunner def. Samuel Shaw & Kenny King
  • World Cup Finals: Team Eric Young def. Team EC3

Star of the Night: Eric Young

Eric Young obviously deserves this spot as he lead his team to victory in the main event and won the World Cup. Young beat Team Captain Bobby Roode in one of the top matches of the night. EY ended up being the soul survivor on his team and pinned Magnus to win it. Young chose Bully Ray, Gunner, Eddie Edwards, and of course, ODB for his team. During backstage promos, Young called this his dream team, and it kind of is. If I was choosing a team, this would be a pretty great group of wrestlers to lead. You have Bully Ray who is a former TNA World Champ and really knows tag team wrestling. Gunner is a rising star and taking him under EY's wing was a great choice. Eddie Edwards knows how to work singles and tag team wrestling and adds a little bit of X-Division to the team. Lastly, who wouldn't want someone you've worked with before, like ODB? Young lead a great team and I was happy to see them win.

Match of the Night: EC3 vs. Davey Richards

It took awhile for me to narrow this choice down, and after re-watching some footage, I have settled on this match. Both of these guys are so entertaining. EC3 is certainly going to be a "next big thing." He has the "it factor" in the ring, on the mic, and with his look. I haven't seen Richards on the mic too much, but he is very talented in the ring. EC3 was originally scheduled to face Team Captain Kurt Angle, but declined the match and put in Magnus. This seemed like a first-time match as I don't remember these guys in a singles match before. As for the match itself, it was given plenty of time to get over with the crowd and both worked well with each other, providing the fans with a very entertaining bout. Other top matches on the show were Young vs. Roode, Angle vs. Magnus, and the main event.

The Highlight: Kurt Angle In Action

This PPV was taped in early April, so Kurt Angle was still healthy enough to wrestle and the traditional ring was still being used. There were lots of good things to take away from this show, but one that I enjoyed the most was seeing Kurt Angle in the ring. Angle went over Magnus from Team EC3 in a very good singles match. Angle can still go in the ring, but of course was sidelined in May due to another injury. I'm enjoying Angle as the "Director of Operations" and I am actually hoping Angle sticks with TNA as long as business stays up.

The Lowlight: Angelina Love vs. ODB

This wasn't a terrible match by any means, but it just wasn't the best thing on the card. ODB is funny to watch and this show reminded me that she unfortunately has left the company. Love is an interesting Knockout; I'm not sure about my opinion of her yet. These two did a lot of stalling, brawling, trying to bring in foreign objects, and messing with referee Earl Hebner.

Talking Point: One Night Only PPVs

So I wasn't sure about any predictions or any other talking points besides this, so here we go. One Night Only PPVs are a cool concept, in my opinion. Having about four traditional PPVs a year is good and bad. We see several weeks of "stalling" and no real build to the next PPV. However, it makes each PPV event feel special because there are so few. With One Night Only, we see a near three-hour show for about fifteen dollars. I don't mind spending the money and hoping I see a good show. TNA has a great roster full of talented wrestlers and I've enjoyed the four One Night Only shows that I have ordered. The matches don't follow any current storylines because it was taped nearly six months ago, and that doesn't bother me too much. The one thing that I really like is we typically see pre-taped promos or interviews, which I think is really cool. With Impact every week, we don't see a whole lot of enjoyable promos that are given time. With ONO PPVs, we see longer matches and promos throughout the entire the show. If you ever have the time and money, I suggest purchasing one of these shows.

Well that's it for the latest One Night Only PPV Review! With Bound For Glory next month, we probably won't have a ONO PPV until November. Feel free to leave a comment below and you can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.

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