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The Five-Count: X-Division Xtravaganza Review

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The X-Division has been a hot topic in TNA lately. Thursday night, TNA aired their annual Destination X event for free on Impact. Every match on the card featured someone who could be considered an X-Division wrestler. In the past few months, fans were asking what happened to the incredible division that we had seen nearly ten years ago. What happened to matches like AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe? Sanada and Austin Aries have been at the top of the division for most of this year. And now some old faces like Low Ki and Samoa Joe are stepping in. Things may be improving. The latest One Night Only special showcased the past, present, and future of the X-Division. Which means I'm back with The Five-Count to break down the show and give you my thoughts! Here we go.

Star of the Night: Low Ki

This spot obviously goes to Low Ki. He beat Chris Sabin in the opening match to move on to the main event. Sabin actually kept Low Ki grounded for most of the match, but Low Ki managed to pick up the win over the former World Champion. Low Ki went on to beat Rashad Cameron, Ace Vedder, and Sonjay Dutt in the Ultimate X main event. Low Ki now has a future X-Division Championship match. Out of the four guys included in the Ultimate X match, I would say that Low Ki was the best choice to win. There were a few video packages played throughout the night hyping Low Ki and what he has done in the past.

Match of the Night: Austin Aries vs. Sanada - 2/3 Falls X-Division Championship Match

Like last month's One Night Only pay-per-view, the outcome of this match was obvious. We've seen Aries and Sanada go one-on-one several times now, but this may have been their best match. Aries was the full-on heel in this match. Sanada managed to beat Aries and retain his title two falls to zero. I will say that I was shocked to see Sanada win it like that, but it made him look strong coming out of the show. Aries wasn't happy at all with the result, as one could expect. The action was fast-paced from bell to bell. I absolutely love seeing Sanada's bridging tiger suplex, which he used to win the final fall. This was a great addition to the show and is worth watching!

The Highlight: Another Dream Match Takes Place This Week

In what you could call the first of three main events, The Wolves faced Bad Influence in a Ladder Match! First off, just seeing The Wolves vs. Bad Influence is great, but add in some ladders, and you have yourself a spectacle! This match also could've been considered the match of the night, but it seemed to be just a small step down from the title match. EC3 had $25,000 at stake in this match and they wrestled in tornado tag team fashion. It was weird seeing Bad Influence in TNA (this was taped before Bad Influence and Chris Sabin left), but it was great to see them again. There were obviously lots of big spots involving the ladders and high-flying moves. The Wolves managed to win this, which I think was the best decision. Another great match here that is worth watching as well! And this was the second 'dream match' with The Wolves this week, the first being against The Hardys at Destination X.

The Lowlight: Ultimate X... Featuring The Past!

This wasn't too bad of a problem, but it did leave me asking why it happened. Low Ki, Rashad Cameron, Ace Vedder (Trent Baretta), and Sonjay Dutt were not currently in the X-Division when this was taped. But they beat Chris Sabin, DJ Z, Manik, and Rockstar Spud respectively. All four of the "current" stars are good in the ring, but not exactly who I would picture in an Ultimate X match on this show. So we saw four guys who have appeared in TNA's X-Division before collide in the main event. Not necessarily a bad thing, but just something that could've been better I think.

Prediction: Low Ki's Title Match

So, Low Ki now has a future shot at the X-Division Championship. He is also going to be in a three-way match with Samoa Joe and Sanada next week on Impact to crown a new X-Division Champion. Here's the order for who I'm booking to win the match: Samoa Joe, Low Ki, Sanada. I'm going with Joe to win the title because he's what the X-Division needs right now. (And no, I do not read spoilers.) TNA just announced that Samoa Joe will face Low Ki at the next set of Impact tapings this week. So if I was the one booking things, I would have Samoa Joe win the title next week. Low Ki then uses his title shot that he earned at Xtravaganza to face Joe for the title. It would make perfect sense and Low Ki uses his title shot, rather than it just be ignored. We know that One Night Only pay-per-views don't follow storylines, but this is one way to incorporate Low Ki's win into what will be happening on TV.

Feel free to leave your comments below and if you watched the show, please share your thoughts! You can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.

Full X-Division Xtravaganza Results

  • Qualifying Match: Low Ki def. Chris Sabin
  • Qualifying Match: Rashad Cameron def. DJ Z
  • Kenny King def. Rubix
  • Qualifying Match: Ace Vedder def. Manik
  • Qualifying Match: Sonjay Dutt def. Rockstar Spud
  • Tigre Uno def. Petey Williams
  • Ladder Match: The Wolves def. Bad Influence
  • 2/3 Falls X-Div. Title Match: Sanada (c) def. Austin Aries (2-0)
  • Ultimate X Match: Low Ki def. Rashad Cameron, Ace Vedder, & Sonjay Dutt

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