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Flintstone's Stone Age Smackdown!


I grew up watching The Flintstone's, they were a favorite of mine from an early age. If The Flintstone's were on, I wanted to be watching. They were all reruns by the time I started watching, but that just meant they were on more often than not. Most of Hannah Barbera crossovers were downright terrible, but I watched all of them numerous times because it was The Flintstone's. I loved the old school look of the show, the simplicity of life mixed with the quirky use of prehistoric animals to do mundane jobs. I know times have changed, as have animating styles and color palates, but certain parts of this movie looked quite off to me. Then there's the voices. I know it's not always easy to find replacements for the original voices, but Scooby has managed quite well through the years. Please, be warned, this is completely full of spoilers. Read at your own caution.


Vince McMagma - I have to say he looked a lot younger than McMahon does now, even younger than Triple H does now, but that's creative license for you. 65 million years to make sports entertainment right was a fantastic comment from him.


John Cenastone - Cenastone looked like the typical movie star character in The Flintstone's, yet his mannerisms were very obviously Cena's. His look wasn't overly creative, but neither is Cena's. It wasn't until Cenastone was actually in the ring was he in ripped jorts, his arm bands and his dogtags that he really felt like Cena.

Daniel Bryrock - They did a great job with the "YES!" and "NO!" with Bryrock, working him into the storyline well with his favorite words. On the other hand, Bryrock looked really generic. I know he has that simplistic caveman look that translates to a generic animated look, but I was hoping for more from his look and his character. I wish he'd been involved in the ring work as well.

Rey Mysteriopal - Rey's look was quite strange as he was in a suit, and quite proud of it, the only thing setting him apart was his mask. As a businessman running around sputtering, "619" out of nowhere was confusing, and rather lame. Rey's tattoos were way off their mark, and opals are a very soft and girly stone, not exactly one a male wrestler would want to be named for. Makes me wonder if he was written that way as a form of humbling.

The Undertaker - With menacing lines like, "Your ice cream's melting," organ music playing in the back to make it sound that much more sinister, he came off as more corny than almost anything. But Taker's look was perfect! He looked like 'vintage' Taker, right down to his long hair, black hat and gloves. That brought me back to the great days of the AE and Taker in his prime, though he didn't roll his eyes and stick his tongue out when he pinned Barney. Taker really worked the friendship angle with Fred turning on Barney. Fred was being a jerk promoter, an the faces wouldn't take it and walked out. It was Taker who really was the heartfelt good guy, and it was fun to see from him.


CM Punkrock – Punkrock was well animated, his tattoos looked great, if not accurate, and his trunks were fantastic made to look like The Flintstone's style, but still with yellow stars on the black background. Punk really worked it hard as his heel character. He was an absolute egotistical bully from the start, and all the way through

Marble Henry - Henry was very strangely shaped, but for an animation, I think it worked pretty well. He came off as a real lunkhead here, and seemed to be CM Punkrock's lacky more than anything else. That he was taken out by Bam Bam made him look that much worse.

Brie & Nikki Boulder - The Boulders were totally what we expect from heel Bellas, except they were actually better on the stick than they are as themselves. Also, the animated the Boulders to look identical, which the Bellas most certainly are not these days. Their outfits were gravity defying, but I liked their pink Flintstone's outfits from this past Raw better.


Wilma & Betty - Both their faces looked too squinty, their bodies weren't shaped right, and they didn't seem to move or pose correctly. They did get the final say with the Boulders, but that's to be expected.

Fred Flintstone - Fred looked rounder than he originally looked, and some of his facial expressions were too new school for my taste.

Barney Rubble - Rather than being blond, his hair looked almost green. It might have been my TV, but since Punkrock's yellow stars were yellow, I don't think it was on my end. And while I know Barney has always been a bit dim, but in this he seemed downright idiotic!

I loved how they moved with the times by throwing in Stonebucks Coffee, but still had the Loyal Order of the Water Buffaloes. They all added flavor to The Flintstone's doing exactly what they do best in every episode – go overboard, get in trouble, and in the end it always works out. How much better can it get than to go completely overboard than with the FFE – Fred Flintstone Entertainment?

The ring work was creative, as they incorporated the wrestler's moves, yet were able to go bigger and grander without having to worry about things like gravity and reality taking them down. I wish there'd been more wrestling in this movie, but this is me, I'm always looking for more wrestling in almost everything the WWE does. All in all it was well balanced between story and moves, starting slow and building to a solid crescendo.


I love this because it's The Flintstone's, but the Scooby Doo one was so much better. They should have had Taker do the eye roll, as that's part of what makes Taker who he is. I really liked Boulder's outfits, and Taker's outfit at the end of the show. Otherwise, I don't have any complaints, but there was nothing really great in it either. I'm waiting for the next Scooby Doo to come out, I think that will be better than this was.


I can't say I disagree with Sam. I wasn't really looking forward to watching this, but other than the issues I described in the first paragraph, this was a solid little animated movie. The extras on the DVD were fun as well. Two of them were about how they created Stone Age Smackdown, with little bits of Cena, Henry, and the Bellas talking about their characters, as well as some of the guys involved in the making of the movie. They were obviously in character and scripted, but light hearted and fun. The rest of the extras were original Flintstone's episodes, and trailers for this movie.

Sam and I are not the only ones reviewing this movie, Jamie Welton and his children will be covering it as well. Jamie and I are of different ages, and his children are much younger than Sam, so it will be nice to have a different opinion of WWE's latest animated crossover.

Lastly, Taker in a sombrero and ripped black shorts with yellow skulls is something I want to see in real life, though I doubt that will ever happen!

Queen of WNW
KB & Sam

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