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Four Raw Superstars I'm Keeping My Eye On In 2012; Why You Should Too

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Richard's Backstage Blog

Christmas is over and that means 2011 is just about in the books. It's been an interesting year but there are four Raw Superstars I'm keeping my eye on as we move into the new year. Here's why you should too:

Slated for a monster push in the fourth quarter of 2011, Brodus Clay has disappeared with no explanation. Plans were so firm for his debut, it was promoted on television. However, the weeks continue to go by without any sighting of the second coming of King Kong Bundy. Clay has Tweeted stuff like he's being held back like a seatbelt and even posted a missing poster on Twitter. Clay got heat in November when he promised to destroyJohn Morrison on the night Morrison was finishing up with WWE which caused the angle to be re-booked and given to The Miz. Tonight is the final opportunity to see Brodus Clay in 2011 and if it doesn't happen, one can only be left wondering where's Brodus Clay?

The Big Red Machine returned masked and ready to go on the December 12th edition of Raw Supershow. WWE is picking up where they left off with Kane, giving him an immediate main event program. While everyone assumed it would be Mark Henry, John Cena gets the nod before his inevitable program with The Rock to build towards their Wrestlemania XXVIII main event. At 44 the clock is ticking on Kane's career but could the mask ensure him one more title reign?

Long Island Iced Z joins the ranks of Hulk Hogan and Steve.. OK maybe not yet, however, Zack Ryder wrote the book on how to make WWE notice you in 2011. Dwindling in mediocrity, Ryder took it upon himself to utilize YouTube and create a fan base. His popularity grew to the point where top stars such as CM Punk and John Cena were pitching him to the WWE office - joining the thousands of fans that had already jumped on the Ryder bandwagon. WWE has listened and the new WWE United States Champion seems to be on his way up the WWE food chain.

A described "work-a-holic," Otunga might be the wild card of 2012. An incredible physique combined with the mainstream media attention from his on-again-off-again relationship with his baby momma Jennifer Hudson has him as one of the stars to watch in WWE. The company is finding ways to put him on television and could elevate him to his own-found stardom if the opportunity becomes available.

Tomorrow, I'll post the Smackdown Superstars I'm keeping my eye on for the New Year.

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