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Full Impact Wrestling Taping Results For Tonight

The following article contains spoiler information. Due to the fact the material in this post will spoil upcoming programming, we have removed the excerpt so you must click the link to view the story contents.
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Below are full taping results for tonight's Impact Wrestling written by Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks:

Impact Wrestling (Airing tonight on Spike TV):

* Devon came out for a promo and said he was going to defend his title tonight against his former friend Bully Ray. Ray came out and said how he was better than Devon and went to leave but Devon stopped him and the match was on.

* In a TV Title Match, Devon defeated Bully Ray with a Spinebuster.

* Jeremy Borash came out and cut a promo on Eric Bischoff. He said he knows this Bischoff's last night and calls out Eric for his "drunk tweets" on him. Bischoff comes out and says if this is what Borash wants he will get it. Bully Ray blindsides Borash and Bischoff says this may be one of the highlights of his life and pins Borash for 1--2-3 and tweets a picture of the broken Borash.

* Mexican America come out for a promo. Anarquia says he wants a fight, even if it is against an American.

* Kurt Angle defeated Anarquia w/Hernandez, Sarita and Rosita via grapevined Ankle Lock.

* Al Snow comes out with Alex Silva (he wrestles in OVW). Snow says he is the lead judge and that this guy will be getting an opportunity tonight in the "TNA Gut Check."

* Robbie E w/Robbie T beat Alex Silva with an implant DDT.

* Brooke Tessmacher comes out and says the world is talking about her pinning Gail Kim last week and challenges Gail to a match, even if it is non-title.

* Brooke Tessmacher beat TNA Knockout Women's Champion Gail Kim with a roll-up in a non-title match.

* Christopher Daniels & Kazarian, Samoa Joe & Magnus, Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy came out for a match. Hogan came out and decided to take Daniels and Kazarian out of the match.

* In a Tag Title Match, Samoa Joe & Magnus beat Mr. Anderson & Jeff Hardy when Joe made Anderson tap to the rear naked choke. Hardy and Anderson disagreed at times during the match. Daniels and Kazarian attacked Joe and Magnus after.

* Ric Flair, Bully Ray, Gunner, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian come to the ring for the Bischoff farewell. Flair commended many of the things that Bischoff had done in the past. They presented Bischoff with a gift, which appeared to be a ring of some form but I could not tell. After, Garett Bischoff, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Austin Aries, Rob Van Dam and Jeremy Borash come to the stage. Borash mentions how the NFL has a hall of fame but Bischoff is going to be the first induction into the Shed of Shame. A port-o-potty is revealed in the back. All of the wrestlers start brawling and Garett gets ahold of Eric and he and Borash take Eric to the port-o-potty and shove him in it and shove him over. Eric steps out and is covered in fecal matter.

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