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Full Impact Wrestling Taping Results For Tonight

TNA taped this week's Impact Wrestling from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Below are full results:
Impact Wrestling (Airing Thursday on Spike TV):

* TNA Champion Bobby Roode comes to the ring to open the show. Roode says Fortune was like crap on the bottom of his shoe that had to be scraped away. James Storm comes out and runs down Roode from the stage. When he goes for the ring, security comes out and prevents him.

AJ Styles enters through the crowd and sneaks up behind Roode. Roode turns around and they brawl, security attempts to break them up. Styles finally gets on the mic.

Sting comes out and announces Roode will defend the TNA Championship against Styles in a 30 Minute Iron Man match at TNA Final Resolution.

On Roode's way to the back, he gets in Dixie Carter's face. Styles tries to protect her but ends up falling into her, knocking both down.

* Robbie E w/Robbie T b. Devon w/"The Pope" D'Angelo Dinero to retain the TNA TV Championship. Eric Young came out during the match and hit Robbie T with a chair. He chased him away but Devon was distracted when one of his sons left the crowd to check on Dinero.

* Backstage, James Storm interrogates Samoa Joe. He wants to know if it was Joe that attacked him last week.

* Brian Kendrick & Jesse Sorensen b. TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries & Kid Kash.

* Backstage, Sting talks to Garrett Bischoff about his match last week against Gunner. Matt Morgan & Crimson come in and talk about their match this past Sunday night at Turning Point. Sting discusses the current state of the tag division and says that Mexican America has threatened to leave if they don't get any competition. Sting wants Morgan and Crimson to team up to face the TNA Tag Team Champions tonight. They agree and the match is set.

* Mickie James won a 10-Knockout Gauntlet Match to become the Number One Contender to the TNA Knockout Women's Championship. The match started with Velvet Sky pinning Rosita. Velvet beat Brooke Tessmacher. Angelina Love pinned Sky. Mickie James pinned Angelina. Mickie pinned Sarita. Mickie pinned Tara. Mickie pinned Winter. Mickie pinned ODB. Mickie pinned Madison Rayne to win the match.

* Jeff Hardy and Karen Jarrett are in the ring and Karen questioned Hardy's manhood. She provokes him until Jeff Jarrett comes through the crowd. Karen attempts a low blow but Hardy escapes.

* Backstage, Sting comes up to Ric Flair and Eric Bischoff. Sting informs Bischoff he was re-writing Eric's contract but it was never signed. Sting says Eric is going to see his son become a bigger star because Garrett can wrestle. He books Garett Bischoff vs. Gunner for later and says he will be in Garett's corner.

* Crimson & Matt Morgan b. Mexican America to win the TNA Tag Team Championship

* Garett Bischoff w/Sting b. Gunner w/Ric Flair & Eric Bischoff

* James Storm comes out. He's determined to find out who attacked him last week, giving him a concussion. He calls out AJ Styles. Styles comes out and says he's offended at the thought he would do it. They brawl as Kazarian comes out to mediate. Kazarian gets Styles out of the ring and he goes to the back. As Storm heads to the back, Kurt Angle comes out from under the ring and attacks him. Angle brings him to the ring and hits an Angle Slam. He admits to attacking Storm last week to end the show.


* Christopher Daniels b. Eric Young with his feet on the ropes for leverage

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