Full Impact Wrestling Taping Results For Tonight

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TNA taped tonight's edition of Impact Wrestling from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Thanks to Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks for sending us full results:

Impact Wrestling (Airing tonight on Spike):

* Sting comes to the ring and calls out both Bobby Roode and Dixie Carter indicidually. Sting tells Roode that when he hit Dixie a few weeks ago, it was like Roode essentially hitting Sting. He wants Roode to apologize to Dixie. Roode acts nice to her at first but then talks about how after 7 1/2 years, he is in this spot and is in it to stay and insults Dixie as a person, angering Sting. Roode then managed to spit in Dixie’s face and bails. Sting tends to Dixie and they go to the back.

* Abyss defeated Samoa Joe due to help from Bully Ray and Scott Steiner. Steiner distracted the referee and Ray hit Joe with a cowbell giving Abyss the win. Steiner and Ray were acting nice to Abyss postmatch, and when Ray was not looking, Abyss gave Steiner a Black Hole Slam and stared at Ray, causing him to bail.

* Devon and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero call out Crimson and Morgan. Devon cuts a long promo congratulating Morgan and Crimson on their tag title win and calls them both the future of the business. He also says that he was a part of one of the best tag teams of all time and lists the classics he has had with the Machine Guns, Beer Money, the Steiners, and the Hardys. He said that Sunday they need to bring their A game, but even with that there will be new tag team champions and hits his music. Pope cuts it off and asks if he can have a chance to talk and talks about how it is all about the money and with the gold comes the money. He called out Morgan and Joe for being two big giants that only have a chokeslam and a spear in their arsenal and runs them down some more, ending by saying The Pope has spoken. He then intentionally bumps into Morgan, and both Morgan and Crimson attack him. Devon goes after Crimson and they brawl to the back. Pope tells Devon’s kids at ringside to hop in the ring and all three of them put boots to Morgan who hulks up, causing all three to bail. Morgan tells Pope that he just wrote a check that his a– can’t cash.

* Mickie James defeated Madison Rayne via the Mickie-DT. Gail came to the ramp and stared at her.

* Garett Bischoff defeated Gunner via a roll up. Gunner entered with Eric Bischoff and Ric Flair but told them to go to the back. After, Gunner attacked Garett and looked to Piledrive him on the floor. Eric Bischoff ran out to “stop him” but fooled him and lifted the mat off the floor so Gunner could piledrive Garett on the concrete. Gunner piledrives him and they go to the back as Garett needs to be stretchered out.

* James Storm comes out and calls out Kurt Angle. Angle says Storm is either really stupid or is the toughest SOB ever for being able to come back from the concussion that he received weeks ago from Angle. He says Storm will be going toe-to-toe with the best wrestler in the world and calls Storm’s title win over him a fluke due to Angle being forced to defend after the match with Roode and that he wasn’t prepared. Now that he has had time to focus, Angle says he thinks about Storm morning, noon and night. Storm says that he doesn’t want Angle thinking about him that much because it is creepy. He says Angle always tells the opponents what try are getting into when they wrestle him. Storm mentions how he lost his father at 12, his two stepbrothers at 15, he lost his stepfather, his grandmother and he just put his dog to sleep a week ago, meaning that he has stared death in the eyes and is not afraid of it and has no fear. Storm says that Angle can talk all he wants about what he will do to Storm, but let him (Storm) tell Angle what will happen to him Sunday. He won the title via his Last Call superkick and he will hit Angle with one so bad it will leave him laying like how Angle left him laying weeks ago from behind. He then says that if Angle wants a shot, he will turn around and let Angle take a shot since he only attacks people from behind. Angle doesn’t make a move and Storm says that’s what he thought and tells Angle that Sunday it is real, it’s d— real.

* They show Karen Jarrett, Traci & Gail Kim backstage and it appears that Gail has to wrestle tonight prior to Sunday and says that she will wrestle Traci. Karen says out of fairness, it should be a fine match but then counters by saying she is not a fair woman and tells Traci to go out there and lay down for Gail and wants no funny business.

* TNA Women’s Knockout Champion Gail Kim beat Traci. Traci laid down for Gail but kicked out at two and fought back at Gail. Traci had her beaten but Karen came out and distracted the referee and while he was distracted, Madison Rayne came in and hit Traci with the Knockouts Tag Title, allowing Gail to get the win.

* AJ Styles & Jeff Hardy defeat TNA Champion Bobby Roode & Jeff Jarrett w/Karen Angle via AJ reversing the Payoff into a small package. The four brawled around ringside prior to the in ring intros. As the match progressed, Hardy and Jarrett fought to the back. AJ appeared to tweak his left knee coming off a springboard and Roode worked on it while the match lasted. After AJ got the victory, Roode attacked but AJ got the upperhand and sent Roode to the back. AJ posed on the stage but Roode came back out and attacked AJ’s knee, driving it onto the stage and into the metal posts that are set up on the stage before going to the back.


Devon beat Robbie T w/Robbie E via Spinebuster. Devon talked prior to the match about how Devon trained Robbie and clearly Bubba Ray must have gotten to Robbie T’s head for him to hang out with a douchebag like Robbie E. After failed Robbie E interference in the match, Devon got the spinebuster and the victory.

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