Full Impact Wrestling Taping Results For Tonight

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Below are full taping results for tonight's edition of Impact Wrestling written by Wrestling News World Orlando correspondent Scott Brooks:

Impact Wrestling (Airing December 22, 2011 on Spike TV):

* In the wild card tournament, AJ Styles & Kazarian defeated Rob Van Dam & Christopher Daniels when RVD kicked Daniels in the head and Kazarian hit Daniels with the Fade To Black for the win.

* In the second match of their best of 3 series, Anthony Nese defeated Zema Ion. Ion hit his finisher and had the win but got cocky, went to hit it again, and Nese rolled him up for the victory.

* James Storm comes out for a promo. He says Kurt Angle has been looking for him everywhere. Angle says he can find him in two places, with these rowdy fans or at a local bar. He compares his match with Angle to a football game. A video of Kurt Angle in Leathersport, Tennessee comes on. Angle is in a cowboy attire, with a belt of bullets and all - he's still looking for a rematch against Storm at Genesis. He spits beer in a waitress's face and told Storm he would be here and sorry about their damn luck.

* TNA Champion Bobby Roode comes to the ring with Bully Ray, Roode in a suit and Bully Ray wearing a Santa hat. Roode says he loves this time of year and says Merry Christmas to everyone. He hopes that everyone loves the Christmas gift that he and Ray gave everyone to Impact last week. Roode says that the one thing that Sting has gotten wrong is that this actions would go without consequence and calls out Sting to the ring to have him tell Roode that he is suspended. Hardy's music hits and he comes to the ring. He stops at the ring as Roode and Ray prep to fight him. Hardy says it isn't about Roode and Sting, it's about Roode and Jeff Hardy. Roode won't be suspected because in three weeks, he is taking Roode's title. Hardy says that tonight Roode and Ray are facing Hardy in a tag match tonight with a partner of his choosing. Ray says Hardy does not have fiends like him. Sting's music hits and he comes out in his facepaint and tshirt gear. Sting says two things: Hardy is loved all over the world and secondly, he would be honored to be Hardy's partner tonight.

* They show Kurt Angle beating up more people in a bar. He booted four people and dropped a fake Christmas tree on them.

* In a the main event street fight, Jeff Hardy & Sting defeated Bobby Roode & Bully Ray after Sting hit a Scorpion Death Drop on Roode and put Roode on a table for Hardy to hit a top rope splash for the victory.

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