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The Future Of Drew McIntyre

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It's now around two weeks since the string of WWE releases when eleven talents were let go from the company. One of those releases was Scottish superstar Drew McIntyre which was arguably the most shocking of all the names on the list. Drew was one of WWE's top talents and I feel he should have been better utilized within the company but I guess it isn't like Drew never had his chance as when he first came in he was one of WWE's biggest deals with him being given the title of Vince McMahon's 'chosen one'. Many names within the company were said to be left reeling from the release and Drew himself is still coming to terms with the matter. However this isn't the end of Drew by any means and I feel this is only the beginning of the rise of Drew McIntyre, or as he will be known going forward Drew Galloway.

When he first came in to WWE Drew was thrust into the spotlight when he was given the gimmick of being Vince McMahon's 'chosen one'. Anyone who has signed for WWE and been thrust into the spotlight at the tender age of 24 is certainly going to feel the pressure of a huge gimmick like this and it's a fair assumption to make that it was probably too soon for Drew to be in such a position. Drew himself even admitted recently on Chris Jericho's podcast Talk Is Jericho that he feels he wasn't ready for the position. One of the benefits of his release is he can now at least now go away from the spotlight and make another impact elsewhere to show he is now ready for such a role. Lets face it no matter where he goes WWE will be watching in some form.

The biggest question about his release is this; is this a test of Drew and his character? Many people in the wrestling industry have been let go from their dream and have just given up and either left the business all together or just decided they want to do the job part time. However people like Daniel Bryan have been released in the past and eventually re-hired by the company. This kind of action from WWE is a way to test the character and drive of the talent as if they are serious about coming back then they will do anything to not only get noticed but improve themselves and do something that makes WWE as a company stand back and take notice of what the talent is doing. Drew has stated this is something he wants to do and he has some big things lined up since his release to make sure he not only gets noticed but that he gets rehired by the company in the future.

While Drew doesn't have a job anymore which is a great shame, while someone like Heath Slater does at least Drew isn't stuck jobbing on TV. Now I'm not trying to degrade Heath Slater in any way as I'm sure there are many people out there who are fans of his work but I personally don't see what WWE seemingly do in him. I always saw Drew as the star of 3MB, and that was even the original plan according to Drew when he talked about the formation of 3MB on Talk is Jericho. Sadly an injury to Drew's wrist at the time put a spanner in the works and sadly the gimmick was doomed from day one. If he was on WWE TV right now the chances are Drew would be being used in a similar fashion to Heath Slater once Drew and Jinder Mahal had been released from the company which would be as an enhancement talent and nothing more. It's a sad reality that Drew has been let go but there is an upside to this that he can use to his advantage.

This advantage is an exciting opportunity for Drew as he can work with different talents he has been unable to work with previously which will also mean he can not only improve his in ring skills but he can showcase his talent against different opponents with different styles. Drew mentioned AJ Styles as someone he would like to work with going forward on Talk is Jericho and that is something I would enjoy seeing as AJ is a fantastic talent who has so much to give to people like Drew in the industry and if anything can be a great mentor. Drew has the opportunity to not only work with some different names but he has the opportunity to pick the brains of talents outside of WWE in the business who can really help advance his career and get him ready for a return to the big time in the near future.

From day one of his arrival in WWE it's clear that Drew is not only a top talent but has the potential to be something big in this industry. He has a great look, a unique sound with his Scottish accent, and above all else he can wrestle to a very high standard. While now maybe just wasn't the right time for Drew I do believe he will be back in WWE in the near future. While that isn't going to happen over night I believe Drew has the talent, the drive and the desire to go a long way in the wrestling industry and it will only be a matter of time before WWE realizes it may well have missed the boat on this top young talent. Given the right amount of time and the right platform I believe that Drew will become one of the biggest superstars in the wrestling industry, he just needs to take his time now in achieving that goal by improving on the great skill set he already has and getting noticed. When he makes an impact in the future I believe we will all get to see why Drew McIntyre really is the 'chosen one' to have a bright and successful future in WWE.

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