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Gold Rush Pro Wrestling Lady Luck Review

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Saturday 29th August 2015 saw a truly magnificent event hosted by Gold Rush Pro Wrestling take place called the Lady Luck tournament. The aim of the show was simple; to crown a first ever Lady Luck Champion in Gold Rush. The title of this show should be an indication that it was all about the women of wrestling in this one, although there was a male Tag Team match thrown in for good measure. While WWE has its "Divas Revolution" at the forefront of women's wrestling in the minds of wrestling fans, Gold Rush gave us an eight woman tournament that could easily rival and outshine that of WWE on its day. While many of you may not be familiar with some of the names on this card, I believe in the near future you will be hearing their names a lot more. With the ultra amazing team of my homie KG Kevin Gill (of the Kevin Gill Show) and Jon Roberts on commentary this show was set to be a real great watch. The great blend of in ring action and commentary really makes all Gold Rush events something to savour, and I highly recommend the team of KG and Jon Roberts to any and all promotors out there who are looking for an outstanding commentary team.


Eight of the best women Gold Rush has to offer entered this prestigious tournament, all with the same goal of looking to become the first Lady Luck Champion. The first round saw some great action as Brittany Wonder kicked things off with a solid win over Shotzi Blackheart. From there the scary and unstoppable Kikya Nakamura would go up against and defeat the lovely Lisa Lace, who going into this was my pick to win the whole thing. These two have history in a Gold Rush ring, and after the loss Lace would brawl with Nakamura as she looked to gain revenge. Up next was Gold Rush favourite Thunder Rosa, who would defeat the only masked female wrestler Luchadora Datura, while in the final match of round one we would see Cheerleader Melissa defeat Nicole Savoy to claim her semi final place.

After an intermission the semi final action would kick off and would see Thunder Rosa go up against the scary Kikyo Nakamura. On paper the odds were against Thunder Rosa, but Lisa Lace was still out for vengeance and would cause Nakamura to be counted out, meaning Thunder Rosa would advance to the final. Her opponent would be determined in the next match as Cheerleader Melissa went up against Brittany Wonder in a match where things would get very heated and see a very aggressive side from Melissa who even went as far as to spit in the face of Wonder. Melissa picked up a hard fought win here, meaning she would face Thunder Rosa for that Lady Luck crown.


The two women would have time to catch their breath as the men would briefly take over with a tag team match between the Gold Rush Tag Tam Champions the Suburban Commandos and the Pacifica Islanders. This was slated originally to be a non-title match but Jeff Cobb of the Pacifica Islanders would goade the Commandos into putting their gold on the line. These two teams gave it everything in this one that ended in a disqualification as just as the Islanders looked to have the match won, one of the Commandos would throw a chair into the ring to break up the pinfall attempt, meaning these two may well face off again in the near future.

Following this it was time for the main event of he evening as Thunder Rosa and Cheerleader Melissa would square off to crown a Lady's Luck Champion. From the off it felt like it was going to be a tough one to call, with both women hitting each other with some of their best offensive moves but still coming up short. Melissa kept her aggressive streak from the previous match going, doing anything she could to take out Rosa. After several dramatic and close near falls Cheerleader Melissa was finally able to defeat Thunder Rosa and become the first ever Lady Luck Champion. After the match Thunder Rosa cut a cool promo thanking everyone who has helped and supported her in her career so far.


This night was very much a huge opportunity to shine a spotlight on women's wrestling outside of WWE and show that across other promotions over the world there is a plethora of talent just waiting to take their craft to the next level. Every one of the eight women who fought in this tournament tonight should be incredibly proud of what they all achieved, and should know they put on a great advertisement for Women's wrestling. Make sure you jump onto your laptop or desktop computer right after this to check out this great night of action.

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