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Gold Rush Pro Wrestling - The Golden Era Reviewed

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Saturday June 27th saw Gold Rush Pro Wrestling hold their Golden Era show live from Pacifica, California, with the show being live streamed via YouTube for those who could not attend. Due to the obvious time difference of 8 hours between the UK and the West Coast of the USA, I wasn't able to watch live. However I was able to catch the replay of the event. This was the first time I had watched a Gold Rush Pro Wrestling event, and I have to say overall I felt the company put on a solid show. If you come into this expecting amazing production value like we see each week on WWE, then maybe this isn't the place for you. But if you can appreciate a good, solid independent promotion trying to make waves on the West Coast, California, and national scene, then this could well be a company you will want to keep your eyes on.


As you can imagine with an independent wrestling show, not everything ran to plan as during the first hour or so, the microphones for the in ring segments weren't quite working correctly so it was hard to hear what was being said during interviews/promo's, but that wasn't really that huge a deal. What made up for this was the awesome play-by-play commentary provided by 'Cheeseburger' Jon Roberts, and my homie KG Kevin Gill. These two partnered together during the King of Indies 2015 tournament that took place over Wrestlemania weekend, and they provided some very insightful, entertaining, and hard hitting commentary that time, and this time they duly delivered once again. These two are a great combination and the should be working on more wrestling shows than they are right now. Their commentary was fun, insightful, entertaining, and it really did the action in the ring justice.

So what about the action in the ring? It certainly didn't disappoint in terms of quality, as each match was individual, it told a story, and most importantly they were all entertaining and enjoyable in their own way. The action kicked off with a Gold Rush Challenge, which featured Virgil Flynn, Mike Matthews, Marquis Jackson, and MPT aka Mr. Primetime. The objective was very much the same as a Beat the Clock Challenge in WWE, with the person who set the lowest time getting a shot at the GRPW Dynamite Division Championship. All four involved in this match are great talents you should go out of your way to watch, and they all provided some real athletic, fast paced displays, some great counter moves, and some all out great wrestling. Marquis Jackson came away the winner in controversial style, as his friend Boyce Legrande, deliberately attacked him with his title against MPT, causing a DQ finish that meant Legrande would have to defend his title down the line against Jackson. It will be interesting to see how that one plays out down the line. Legrande was in action later in the show, defending his title against Dylan Drake, who is another name to watch our for on the scene. Drake also impressed me at King of Indies, and he continued to prove his worth in this one. The match itself was impressive, with these two going back and forth, keeping the fans on the edge of their seats until Marquis Jackson interfered in the match. His distraction allowed MPT to try and extract some revenge on Legrande, but his super kick hit Drake in error, allowing Legrande to steal a victory.


A couple of other matches to highlight include a tag team math between the Pacifica Islanders and the Perfect Kings. This was a great tag team match with some fantastic wrestling on display. Jeff Cobb, one half of the Pacifica Islanders, really impressed for me. He stood out when I first saw him at the King of Indies tournament, and was my pick to win that. His in-ring skill and wrestling ability make him a name to keep an eye on and check out if he's in your area. The Islander's picked up an impressive win during this one. We also saw a tag team match between the Creepy Show Carnival, and the Resident Cowboys. This was a classic tag team encounter that saw the Resident Cowboys pick up a well deserved win, with their size and power advantage proving too much for the Creepy Carnival. There was a third, and final, tag team match that night as the champions the Suburban Commandos defended against the Pinoy Pride. This match can only be described as a David vs. Goliath affair, with the Pride doing a great job of holding their own well and displaying a never say die attitude the whole way through. The match was full of close calls and drama, but the might of the Commandos was too much for the Pride in the end.

The female's weren't left out either, with a Lady Luck Challenge match between Kikyo Nakamura and Lisa Lace taking place. These two didn't put on your typical female wrestling match, and had a great, classic wrestling match. Despite the power and size difference, Lisa Lace held her own and stayed in this one throughout. Sadly it wasn't enough as the power and size of Nakamura was too much for Lace to overcome. Lace displayed some true guts though at the end, by getting to her feet and goading Nakamura back for another beat down. This was a solid women's match that you should check out. The main event of the night saw tag team partners, and friends collide as GRPW Champion JR Kratos, defended his title against Idris Jackson. This was always going to be an interesting battle as who knows you better than your own tag team partner? From the get go the crowd was split down the middle throughout the match, and were treated to a well worked and entertaining match for the fans to appreciate. The pace started out slow but it soon picked up as the match went on, making this match very dramatic. The size and strength of Kratos always gave him the advantage, and this helped him pick up a very important win. After the match, Kratos got on the mic and offered his hand to Jackson as a show of respect, but Jackson simply turned away and left the ring. What does the future hold for this team? I can't wait to see at their next show.


Overall this show was a very enjoyable watch and proved that independent wrestling does indeed have a very bright future. If you want to learn more about Gold Rush Pro Wrestling, or are even interested in attending one of their events then here are a couple of pages to check out: You can check out the official Gold Rush Pro Wrestling website, you can like their official Facebook page, and you can follow them on their official Twitter page too. And of course, if you want to actually check out the Golden Era show, then you can check out the stream here on YouTube.

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