Who's Next? Who Cares?


So, this weekend we received massive news in the world of pro wrestling. No, not that Daniel Bryan is once again injured to the point of not being able to compete as possibly in position to give up yet another title in WWE after a big WrestleMania victory. It's not even that Rhino will be working a match for ICW in a couple months, although that actually means more to me than the “big news” that really broke this weekend. This weekend we got word that a former pro wrestler, a man known for black trunks, black boots, and a bald head WILL be getting his gear back on and stepping into a pro wrestling ring sometime in the possibly, semi, potential, maybe near, or far away, future. Unfortunately I'm not talking about Stone Cold Steve Austin, no that would actually be news that would cause a bit of elation from my little corner of the world. Instead the “massive star” who has stated they will get back in a wrestling ring is the pretender to the throne from the WCW/WWF days, none other than Bill Goldberg.

Bill Goldberg looks on

Don't get me wrong, I know there was a time when Goldberg was a big deal to fans of pro wrestling, but honestly those days have gone by the wayside. The only time I actually thought a return by Goldberg would have been worth a damn was when he was rumored to return and feud with/put over Ryback. Now that this is no longer a thing, I couldn't possibly care any less about seeing this man in a pro wrestling ring now, or any time in the future. Goldberg was a flash in the pan, that flash has long since extinguished leaving behind just a charred memory of the star that could have been. I never really bought into the hype that surrounded Goldberg back in the day, yeah he was an athletic monster who had a hell of a winning streak, but he was never a great worker and clearly wasn't a great talker, his whole gimmick was a long winning streak. Kevin Nash catches hell for ending “The Streak” but as Nash put it, Ludvig Borga ended the undefeated streak of Tatanka, would you rather an over babyface end your streak or Ludvig Borga?

The big deal in this whole Goldberg return story is that he's claimed flat out that WHEN he makes his return he won't do it for WWE, but for some other as yet unnamed company. First off, I don't see him making an appearance for ROH because they aren't a big enough deal for his ego. I also don't think he'll go to TNA because they're in such disrepair right now that I don't see them getting up the money needed to bring the human hype machine on board. The only options I can imagine right now are some company in Japan or getting on board with the whole Jeff Jarrett/GFW deal whenever that starts to unfold. It's nice to see, judging by his comments, that Goldberg still thinks he's a massive deal in the world of pro wrestling, and that he's bigger than a company like WWE. Even so many years after his run ended his ego is apparently still as strong as ever. The more I hear about Goldberg these days, the more I distance myself from caring about ever seeing him in the business that I love for even one more second for as long as I live.

A return is usually a big deal when it comes to former workers, whether it's a return to the company they're most known for, a return to the business after an extended time away to make movies or whatnot. There are certain names I would absolutely love to see come back to pro wrestling, and in particular WWE, but I can assure that the name Bill Goldberg is not on that list now, nor will it ever find it's way back onto said list. I would kill to see Drew Galloway back in WWE, I wouldn't mind a CM Punk return, Jericho, Batista, and even developmental talents like Jesse White and Jody Kristofferson, but Goldberg? Not a chance in hell. I'll be brutally honest with you here, I would actually rather see the Great Khali return and take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and carry that damn thing for three years than to see Goldberg back in WWE under any circumstances. That's how bad this man has tarnished his legacy in my eyes, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way.

There was a point in time when people would look at Goldberg and say he's absolutely a Hall of Fame worker, and I would have even given him that respect myself, if only he wouldn't go on as an egotistical jackass the way he has in recent years. Goldberg was a huge star for a short while in this industry, he struck while the fire was hot, but ever since that debacle of a WrestleMania moment between Goldberg and Lesnar he's been nothing more than a has been who just doesn't know when to shut up and go away. The man had moments, but he's nothing more than a walking ego these days, it's horrible that a man who was such a big deal, a guy who once held such a massive place in the history of the business, has bought into the hype created around him so much that even over a decade after the most disgusting match in WrestleMania history he thinks he is the biggest thing in the business. As I've done from the beginning in this piece, I'll end with some honesty, brutal as it may be to hear. Goldberg used to have a catchphrase, we all remember it. Who's next? I'll answer for everyone, who cares?

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