Goldberg Displays Ring Rust, Austin Aries To Have Surgery, Maria Leaving, TNA Loses Major TV Deal

Rusev and Bill Goldberg

- Bill Goldberg returned to WWE on last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw where he addressed Brock Lesnar. Paul Heyman interrupted and Rusev eventually came out and hit him with a right hand. Goldberg ended up giving Rusev a Jackhammer and spearing Heyman. Goldberg didn’t seem crisp in his delivery of the Jackhammer and spear, which he tweeted was ring rust: ”Ring rust...it happens.” Goldberg vs. Lesnar will headline Survivor Series later this month on November 20, 2016 from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

- After this week’s Raw went off the air, Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens took place as the dark match main event. The match was thrown out when Chris Jericho ran out. Rollins ended up fighting them both off to send the crowd home happy.

- Finn Balor continues to recover from surgery to repair a torn labrum that he suffered in his WWE Universal Championship match against Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. He’s out of a sling and is doing media appearances for WWE. Balor was at the WWE Performance Center on Monday where he chatted with Terry Taylor and Norman Smiley.

- Charlotte and Sasha Banks tried to add color during the drop toehold chair spot during their Hell in a Cell match last Sunday. Charlotte’s nose was running due to her being sick so she couldn’t draw color on the bump. If you go back and watch the tape, Charlotte reportedly tried to draw it but couldn’t make it happen.

- Austin Aries suffered an orbital fracture after being kicked in the face by Shinsuke Nakamura at a WWE NXT live event last week. He’s reportedly set to undergo surgery this week in Birmingham, Alabama and could be out for the rest of the year.

- TNA Wrestling must pay back Billy Corgan’s money that he loaned the company by today (November 1, 2016). As we noted yesterday, a judge denied Corgan’s request for a temporary injunction, which would have given him control over the company. Here’s what Billy had to say about the judge’s decision:

For those asking, I'm in no way disappointed in the judges ruling regarding TNA. Rather, I'm grateful the judge considered the case… It's important to note is these proceedings have brought forth facts which illuminate business practices I have fought against for a reason… And I suggest that a careful reading on the judge's ruling supports there can be no claim of victory by anyone in a position of authority

- Most of the talent on the TNA roster were rooting for Corgan and really wanted him in control. Now, he’s out of the picture although he does have the option to move forward with his lawsuit (which he plans to do). Anthem Sports & Entertainment Corp, the parent company of the Fight Network, have already agreed to repay Corgan and will takeover majority ownership of TNA. Aroluxe will have a 10% stake and Dixie Carter will retain a small five percent stake in the company.

- Maria announced Monday night on Twitter that she’s leaving wrestling soon. Here’s what she tweeted:

News, any news doesn't ever tell the whole story. It will be an interesting next couple months.What I know is I am leaving wrestling soon… I'm not exactly sure when but that's why I went back to school. I am done in May with my bachelors. And then, I'm on to my masters degree… Eventually everyone must realize that the road never changes until you change roads.

- In more bad news for TNA, Challenge TV, who is the company’s TV partner in the UK, will be ending their relationship with the promotion beginning in January 2017. Here’s the official statement:

We know that many TNA fans will be disappointed to hear this, but we wanted to let you all know that as of January 2017, Challenge will no longer be the home of TNA in the UK. TNA has been a huge and important part of Challenge's story over the years and we will treasure some great moments like the British Bootcamp and UK tours. We have been proud to bring UK viewers coverage of TNA and have huge respect for the company and its fans. TNA is packed with great talent and we know they will continue to do great things – we wish them all the best.

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