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The Great Fall Of Chyna

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Recently the former WWE Superstar Chyna posed for a photo in what she claims was a photo taken at WWE Headquarters, where she had headed in attempts to meet with Vince McMahon and Triple H, so that the parties could 'resolve past issues'. Chyna was unsuccessful in her attempt on this occasion but that hasn't deterred her from still trying to get Vince and Hunter to agree to a meeting. But after Chyna's past claims made against Triple H, her choice of lifestyle post-WWE, and comments she has made in the past about the company does she really deserve a second chance with WWE? Or is this all some false pretense and Chyna has some other motive? They say that time can heal old wounds, but in this situation I find myself asking is this really a saying that fits such a picture? And given her exploits since leaving WWE, would the company want to tarnish it's reputation with her image?

Chyna WWE

I'm conscious there may be some of our newer readers or fans who don't know who Chyna is, so allow me to give you a brief history of the woman known as the 'Ninth Wonder of the World'. Chyna made her debut in WWE in 1997, as the bodyguard of Triple H, who at the time was portraying the pompous Blue Blood character, Hunter Hurst Helmsley. Chyna would go on to become the enforcer for Helmsley's D-Generation X group, before embarking on a solo career in WWE that would see her break down many barriers many never thought could be achieved by a female performer, including being the first woman to compete in the Royal Rumble in 1999, and becoming the first female performer to win the Intercontinental Championship, winning the title twice and this also remains a feat that no other female performer has so far managed to accomplish. Other achievements include being the first female to enter the King of the Ring tournament, the first female to become number one contender to the WWE Championship (although she would lose that spot to Mankind before Summerslam 1999), and naturally she is also a former WWE Womens Champion. There's no question Chyna had one hell of an impressive career in WWE over the years, so the question then becomes what caused her to throw all that away and burn bridges with the company? After all, even Triple H himself said he believed Chyna should be in the Hall of Fame, and there's no denying she has done enough in her career to warrant that spot, but she seemed intent on destroying any hope of that with her actions since leaving WWE.

It's a well known fact that Chyna and Triple H were previously in a relationship between 1996 and 2000, while the two worked together at WWE. It has been claimed that Triple H started to see Stephanie McMahon, whom he is now married to, behind Chyna's back. Whether that's the case or not is none of our business, but the on screen relationship between Triple H and Stephanie had at least become a story well before Chyna left the WWE in November 2001. It's apparent that the story line at least caused issues in the relationship between Triple H and Chyna, and that's where things kind of began to sour, with Chyna recently making claims that Triple H has physically abused her during their relationship, a claim Triple H vehemently denied during an interview on the Stone Cold Podcast on WWE Network in February 2015, and still denies. Now why would Chyna make this claim but now be suddenly willing to try and 'clear the air' with Vince and Hunter? Also Chyna has made this claim, but lets not forget that in 2005, Chyna was arrested for claims of physical assault on her then fiance Sean Waltman. If anyone has the history of physical abuse in a relationship here it certainly isn't Triple H. Does that mean he's innocent? Right now, unless he is proven guilty the answer has to be yes, and it's not something I can image Triple H doing in all honesty because I sure as hell believe Stephanie, nor Vince, would stand for it if he was doing it still as a human reaction like that is not something you can just turn off.

Chyna & Triple H

Then we have to turn our attentions to the two biggest issues that have plagued Chyna in her life, and in all honesty may well be the reasons the company has chosen to distance itself from her. The first of those is Chyna's misuse of drugs and substance abuse. Her problems with drugs have been well documented and have seen Chyna publicly humiliate herself through instances of passing out while on drugs, making a spectacle of herself, claiming while on the television show Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2008 that she did not consider herself an addict, and most worryingly saw her rushed to hospital in 2008 and 2010 following two overdoses. WWE has forgiven people with history of substance abuse in the past. Just look at Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, Scott Hall, Jake Roberts, Road Warrior Hawk. The big difference between those names and Chyna? They sought help with their problems, whereas Chyna hasn't really done much to change herself. WWE's history of forgiving those with substance and drug issues probably isn't as major a hurdle for Chyna to overcome as it seems, but her getting herself sorted and confronting the issue would certainly go a long way to proving she was serious. If she wants to prove she's serious then maybe entering WWE sponsored rehab would be a positive step for her. Whether or not her abuse issues are at the level they once were I honestly don't know, but addiction isn't something that just goes away, and it remains a life long issue. By getting help through WWE, Chyna would be showing them she really does want to change herself for the better.

The second is her now well documented career in the pornography industry. Triple H hit the nail on the head for me when he said that it could tarnish the image of WWE if kids, especially his own, were to search in Google, or other search engines for Chyna, because as you may or may not be aware there are images on the internet from some of her pornographic ventures, not to mention links to view the video's she has featured in. I have nothing against people who chose to make a career for themselves in that industry, and if that really is their chosen and preferred career path then that's their choice. But such a personal choice has implications on future relationships, and WWE is not going to want to associate itself now as a publicly traded company with a porn star. Yes, this is the same company that had Val Venis, a character who was an adult film star, and even featured in segments with well known pornography star Jenna Jameson, but at the time the company was more edgy and did not have corporate sponsors and investors to answer to. Associating with Chyna could have serious implications on their image and brand, and while everyone has times in their life they are not perhaps proud of, Chyna has quite happily embraced it. This is probably the biggest hurdle WWE and Chyna would have to overcome. It isn't impossible the two parties could get past this, but it certainly wouldn't be easy and could have potentially huge implications for the company.


So the question remains now does Chyna deserve a second chance despite everything against her? Time may heal old wounds, but there are some relationships that just cannot be repaired with time and need a lot more than that (I can say that confidently from personal experience). It involves all parties coming together and resolving their differences. Do I believe Chyna wants to make amends with Vince, Hunter, and the WWE? I think somewhere inside there is a genuine part of her that does. However I do find it hard to also believe she doesn't have an ulterior motive in all this. I think the best way for Chyna to stand any chance of repairing the damage between all parties if for her to show that she is sorry through her actions. Claiming to Vince Russo in an interview that Triple H, the future head of WWE abused you probably isn't the best way to go about that. I think if Chyna can show she has genuine remorse for her actions and actively seeks help for her personal issues, then as they always say in the wrestling business, never say never when it comes to seeing her back in some capacity. Until then, I'm afraid I believe the great fall of Chyna will only continue, and the only person who can stop that is Chyna herself.

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