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The House Of “M”: GFW/Impact vs New Japan

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Hello WNW people! Mitch “Big M” Adams here welcoming you to my fortnightly editorial on Wrestling News World called…THE HOUSE OF “M”. This being my house, I get to talk about what I want to talk about and share my opinions on the art form known as Pro Wrestling. Although, I should point out that I’m only renting this house from WNW, so obviously the views I express here are solely mine alone!

If you don’t agree with me, I’m more than willing to hear you out as you are as entitled to your opinion as much as I am entitled to mine. But, just remember you're a guest in my house, so try to keep things civil!

I wanted to get this article out so much sooner than I have. But life, unfortunately, kept getting in the way. But maybe that was a blessing in disguise because it gave me a chance to re-watch both The G1 Special shows and Slammiversary XV and form a firm conclusion. And that conclusion is…WWE has actual competition!

Now before you blow a gasket, no one is saying WWE is not the biggest Pro Wrestling company in the world…because it still is! And no one is saying that will change anytime soon…because it won’t! BUT, what I am saying is that while WWE is the biggest, they are far from the best. Fan apathy and frustration towards the WWE product is at an all-time high right now, and if anyone wanted to start trying to cut into WWE’s bottom line, now is honestly the perfect time.

But which company should be the one to try and give Vince McMahon headaches? Obviously, after the stellar weekend of Wrestling New Japan and GFW/Impact gave us on July first and second, it should probably be one of those two. But which one? Which company has the best chance at stealing fans away from WWE and grow as a brand? Well, I thought I’d try to answer that question by getting both companies in the ring and scoring a five round fight between the two. Each round has an area of the business that any Pro Wrestling company needs to be good at to succeed. The company who wins the most rounds wins the fight.

Oh, and unlike the Horn vs Pacquiaofight, they will be new re-scoring that showed the person who won, did so fair and square! So if you don’t like the result and want to go on a tear like Tony Atlas did at the Battle of Brisbane, tough luck!

So without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen….LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!

Round One: The Venue

GFW/Impact have run 90% of their shows at Universal Studious in Orlando throughout its history. It’s a venue where they are not allowed to sell tickets and even though it’s facilities are state of the art it’s a venue that just feels soulless! And yet, I feel the need to give GFW/Impact the win in this round. Why do you ask? Simple really! New Japan completely underestimated the demand for their product overseas. They booked a small venue with the aim of selling two thousand tickets for each show thinking it would take a while to do so. Instead, it took them two hours.

If New Japan can sell that many tickets to shows that quick, they could easily fill a twenty thousand seat arena with little effort. It was a significant missed opportunity on their part and the venue they did pick honestly looked like crap!

Winner Of Round One: GFW/Impact

Round Two: Match Quality

GFW/Impact put on a good all-round show at Slammaversary! They have a good roster all willing to put the work in and deliver a great performance every time. Highlights of the show for me were the Strap match between EC3 and James Storm, plus the mixed tag Full Metal Mayhem match. But if you were to compare the action between G1 USA and Slammersary, it’s easy to see who the winner of this round would be.

The action New Japan Pro Wrestling put on is simply on another level. A level I don’t think any company past or present can match.

Winner Of Round Two: New Japan (Landslide)

Round Three: Memorable Moments 

As far as memorable moments go, there was plenty to be had on both shows! From The Sinister Minister himself Father James Mitchell making his shocking return to the Impact Zone to help Joseph Park transform back into the Monster Abyss. To Kenny Omega becoming the very first IWGP U.S. Champion and cutting an epic promo afterwards. But if you want to talk history in the making and moments that will live on forever? You have to be talking about New Japan’s first venture into the U.S market. The G1 shows were simply put two of the best pro wrestling events I have ever watched.

Winner Of Round Three: New Japan

Round Four: Production Value 

I don’t know who AXS TV hired to run the G1 USA production. But whoever they are they should be fired immediately. Thank goodness the wrestling was so good that people were willing to put up with things like overlapping audio and microphones that either didn’t work or had a tonne of distortion. And as much as I love Jim Ross, he stunk the joint out on commentary. He did not do his research and came in unprepared to call both events.

As much as we like to make fun off GFW/Impact, they do have a decent production team capable of fine things.

Winner Of Round Four: GFW/Impact (Landslide)

Round Five: Social Media Buzz

Myself, Thomas Fenton and CJ Blaze ran WNW’s social media accounts during G1 USA and Slammiversary. And we kept a very close eye on the numbers both companies were drawing. On the first night of the G1 New Japan was the top trend on all of Twitter. Social Media was on fire for this historic broadcast on AXS TV. However, the second night of the G1 wasn’t even in the top twenty trends on Twitter!

Slammiversary became the top trend on July second, but we are all in agreement that this was due to the fact it was on PPV in the US while the second night of the G1 was only Live on New Japan’s streaming service which does not have a lot of U.S. subscribers.

But never the less both shows drew impressive numbers on social media, so I’m calling this round a draw!

Winner Of Round Five: Draw

And The Undisputed Winner Is…Us, The Pro Wrestling Fans

I was never going to declare either company the winner. Because in the end it truly doesn’t matter. In the first weekend of July, both companies proved that WWE is NOT the only game in town. Both companies gave us a viable alternative to the crap WWE’s puts on our TV screens every single week. And that WNW people can only be a good thing for the industry and us dumb fans who follow it!

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