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The House Of “M”: Why Both Women's Titles Can And Should Be Defended At Wrestlemania!

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Smackdown Women's Championship

Well, WNW people, the road to Wrestlemania has well and truly begun. And the card for the show of shows is starting to take shape. The past few weeks on Smackdown have given us a very clear indication of what the blue brand will be presenting on the show of shows. From mid-card programs like Dean Ambrose vs Baron Corbin for the IC Title. To special attraction matches like Shane McMahon vs AJ Styles (I know, I’m lukewarm about that possible match as well!). And of course, the match that few of us actually want to see…John Cena and Nikki Bella vs Miz and Maryse.

Now, to be fair, everyone involved did a great job trying to get people invested in this match on this past week's Smackdown as I mentioned in detail on the Smackdown Breakdown! But let's be honest, the mixed tag match between these four is NOT going to steal the show, and is most likely being done to get Total Divas viewers watching Wrestlemania! But WWE higher-ups want to book it, so I guess we are stuck.

I wasn’t going to say anything about it really until I had a horrifying thought! Would WWE higher-ups not have one of the Women’s Titles be defended on the card in order to make room for the mixed tag? Would they just think “Eh, that’s two matches where the women are involved, that’s enough?” I think I speak for all of us when I say to the WWE…YOU BETTER BLOODY NOT BE THINKING THAT!

With all the amazing work the talents in both Women’s Divisions have put in the past 12 months it would be an absolute crime not to have both Championships defended. So, that’s why I am taking it upon myself to explain why both Women's Titles CAN and SHOULD be defended at Wrestlemania 33! Ok, let's get started!

The Reasons Why They CAN Have Both Women’s Titles Defended!

They Are Not Doing Much With The Tag Team Divisions!
This is a typical story come Wrestlemania time! WWE’s higher-ups lose all interest in Tag Team Wrestling on the road to Wrestlemania, and they don’t look at it again until afterward. Why should this year be any different? With American Alpha (the best Tag Team in the world right now) either only working two-minute matches or not working any match at all the last few weeks on Smackdown, I fully expect the Smackdown Tag Team Title to be defended on the Mania pre-show.

But as they are just having Gallows and Anderson put over Reigns every week, why not just have the Raw Tag Titles defended on the pre-show as well! I know WWE’s higher up’s are high on Enzo and Cass (as are most fans as well) and want to give them a rub on the show of shows. But I honestly think they would be better off having Enzo and Cass go under on the pre-show and wait until Extreme Rules for their big push! Think about it. It would free up space on the Mania card for a Women’s Title Match, and it would help make Gallows and Anderson look like legit threats for a change!

The U.S. Title/Prop Shouldn’t Be Defended!
In another example of how awful Raw’s booking is right now, the U.S. Title has been nothing more than a prop for months now! From Roman Reigns carrying it over his shoulder like a sack of vegetables and having half arsed matches with Rusev over it! To Chris Jericho winning the U.S. Title only to be written off TV weeks later proves that the Title is essentially worthless today.

Raw does need to have a mid card title defended on Mania as the IC Title will most likely be featured in the Corbin/Ambrose feud! But it should really be the Cruiserweight Title that gets the rub. Everyone knows it could use the polish after the mess higher-ups have made of the entire division. And by only having one of Raw’s mid card titles defended on the main card they leave room for a Women’s Title match!

3. The Big Show vs Shaq Match Doesn’t Look Like It’s Going To Happen!
As it’s been reported here over the last week or so on WNW, Big Show vs Shaq is looking pretty unlikely. WWE does enjoy having it’s special attraction matches at Wrestlemania, but I don’t think it will be a huge loss if this one doesn’t happen. And again, it would leave room for a Women’s Title match!

The Reasons Why They SHOULD Have Both Titles Defended!

1. Raw’s Women’s Division Has Saved The Brand!
I don't have any problem saying it, Monday Night Raw has been absolutely awful since the brand split. WWE’s higher-ups and Raw’s creative team just don’t know what the hell they're doing! Just look at what they have done to the Cruiserweight Division. By forcing the talents to tone down their ring work and failing to give any of them a backstory for the casual fans to get invested, they have taken away every last bit of momentum these talents had during the Cruiserweight Classic. The proof that this is the case can be found in the WWE Network viewership numbers! The CWC was the highest-rated show on the network all throughout its broadcast! Meanwhile, 205 Live struggles to even keep fans awake!
Kevin Owens first reign as Universal Champion has been completely saddled by his association with Chris Jericho. Only now have they broken the two up and KO is starting to look like a strong Champion. Although, they have only done this in order to have him put over ANOTHER part-timer in Goldberg. Oh and the less said about Vince McMahon’s stubborn refusal to admit defeat and turn Roman Reigns heel the better!

Add all this up, and it’s a no brainer as to why most wrestling fans consider Smackdown to be the far superior show! However, there has been one saving grace for Raw since the brand split! And that saving grace is without a doubt their Women’s Division!

Sasha Banks and Charlotte had the best feud of the year 2016 by far and produced half a dozen classic matches. Some, I have no doubt will be remembered forever! And with more incredible talents like Bayley and Nia Jax making a name for themselves outside of NXT, I have no doubt that the division will continue to be Raw’s saving grace. To not feature a match for the Raw Women’s Championship at the show of shows would simply be a crime.

2. The Smackdown Women’s Division Is Breaking New Ground!
You’d think considering The Smackdown Brand has had Styles vs Ambrose and Styles vs Cena tearing up arenas all over the world as well as some of the best-written segments on WWE TV that the women may have some trouble keeping up. But no, women like Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss and Naomi have been tearing it up for months. The only fault I can find in the Blue Brands Women’s Division has been the need to regress to “Diva” style booking and matches to accommodate Nikki Bella for the majority of her return to WWE. (More on that later.) So to not have the Smackdown Women’s Title defended on the show of shows would also be a crime!

3. How Good Can A Mixed Tag Match Featuring TWO “Divas” Really Be?
I hate to break it to all you Nikki Bella and Maryse fans, but neither women can hold a candle to the workers of the Women’s Revolution. This is not a slight on them; they are both sadly a product of the now archaic “Diva” mentality that WWE had with its Women’s Division for so many years.

I don’t have any issues stating that Nikki Bella is a sub-par worker who success is mainly due to her relationship with John Cena. I may cop some hate for saying it, but it’s the truth! Not to say she’s never put on a decent match in her life (she has) but they are very few and far between. And all of them were with talented workers who were without a doubt calling the match (e.g. The match she had with Natalya on Smackdown where Nattie could be heard calling spots).

As far as Maryse goes…well, she spent some time as an in-ring performer and even had a brief run with the now defunct Divas Title. But she was never much of a worker either and got by on the fact she had what Vince McMahon was looking for in the then Divas Division. Namely blonde hair and a nice figure! Again, I don’t mean to upset any fans, but it’s true.

Even if the Mixed Tag Match was booked in a way that gave Cena and Miz the majority of ring time, I can’t see Nikki and Maryse being able to do anything all that enthralling in the ring. And considering the vast majority of people who attend Wrestlemania from all over the world are of the “hardcore” variety, I can’t imagine they would be all that impressed by Nikki and Maryse either.

Like I said, WWE’s higher-ups want to book the Mixed Tag Match in order to get Total Divas viewers watching Wrestlemania. So no matter how we feel about it, they are going to do it no matter what. But if I were them, I’d do everything I have suggested above and keep the Mixed Tag Match under ten minutes. I mean really, I worked all this out in half an hour with very little effort! So I don’t think WWE’s higher-ups have any real excuse not to feature both Women’s Titles on the biggest show of the year, do they?

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