How Long Will The Hardys Be The TNA Tag Team Champions?


The Hardy Boyz have done it again. Perhaps one of the most extreme and decorated tag teams of all time have captured the TNA Tag Team titles. Not only did they capture the titles but they did it in the "Hardy" fashion, acquiring the titles in the Ultimate X match. How fitting? I am not surprised. This tournament was created because the Eddie Edwards of The Wolves was injured thus vacating the titles. When the moment arrived and the Hardy's were crowned the champions the first thought out of my mind was how long will they be the champions? Since they are veterans and perhaps future Hall of Famers I wonder who will they lose to get the younger tag team over.

There are plenty of options here. They could lose to two members of The Revolution. Perhaps The Rising. Maybe Eddie Edwards will get healthy and The Wolves will want those titles that they didn't lose at some point. I think this would be the best option. In the mean time there will be other opponents along the way such as the Beat Down Clan. I don't know if the creative team has thought this far ahead but when titles change I ponder a few thoughts. I think about when the new champion will lose and try to predict the time in which they will lose it. Is it three months away? Six months? I also try to predict the person that they will lose it to. I try to pay attention to the crowds for particular wrestlers to see if they are building a push. When veterans capture a title I think of what young superstar or superstars will be pushed to be ready for a title shot. To me timing is critical. You can't rush these things as far as developing talent.

This is not 60's or 70's when the titles were held for years like Bruno Sammartino held the WWWF World Champion for over 11 years across two reigns. Bruno's first reign was the longest in the promotion's history. It was 2803 days. We need to put that in perspective. I know wrestling was different then but titles change quite often in this generation. The point I am making if I was alive in the 60's and witnessed Bruno's reign I wouldn't be as curious as when he was going to lose. We are in a time where titles change frequently and the prediction has more meaning. As a fan it is also fun trying to predict when titles change.

The Hardy's were an excellent choice to have captured the TNA Tag Team Championships. Who ever faces them and beats them for the titles is elevating their career. It all makes sense. As some of us are critical of TNA I think they are doing this right.

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