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How Marketing Plays A Factor In Extreme Rules Stipulations, Workers Refusing To Go Over Out Of Respect?, The WWE Stars Next In Line After CM Punk, Daniel Bryan & Sheamus To Take Over The Main Event Scene, Update On WWE's Interest In A Current TNA Titlehol

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Richard's Backstage Blog

The following is a new feature where I take questions originally sent in for the WNW Premium Mailbag and put them in text format to appease those that do not like audio. These have not appeared in the Mailbag and will not be included as they can now be considered "answered."

Yes… The stipulations at Extreme Rules for the three main events are very similar, Extreme Rules (Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena), Chicago Street Fight (WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho) and Falls Count Anywhere (Randy Orton vs. Kane). This is a B-level pay-per-view where WWE is utilizing Wrestlemania programs with gimmicks and the new intrigue of Cena vs. Lesnar to produce pay-per-view buys. Extreme Rules is very vague but it gives WWE the ability to sell stipulations on programs they've been building over the last couple of months. There isn't enough time between Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules to create all new programs which is why programs are rehashed with gimmicks to add a new element to an old program. As for the labeling, this is done to make the pay-per-view seem more diverse and it's easier to market. "Extreme Rules," "Falls Count Anywhere," and "Chicago Street Fight" sounds better than a blanket term for matches that were already done earlier this month.

I cannot recall any instances where someone refused to go over out of respect… The reader that asked this question was wondering if there was a situation where an up and comer refused to go over an established veteran out of respect, using the example of John Cena refusing to go over The Rock (although it's not a case of an up and comer and more of a case of today's top star vs. the Attitude Era top star). This is a "me-first" business with everyone looking for the opportunity to enhance their own career over the business. Anytime a worker is given a major opportunity, they take it and would be crazy not too. Imagine if worker was giving the monster push of ending The Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania. Sure, it would be a high-pressure situation that I would oppose but there is a chance it could greatly elevate a worker's standing.

Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Sheamus are all up and comers set to take over the main event in WWE… Workers after that I would put Alberto Del Rio, Wade Barrett and The Miz before a drop off to workers such as Dolph Ziggler and Cody Rhodes. This is constantly changing depending on plans from the WWE creative team and reactions from the audience but this is clearly management's position on the current list of talent.

Yes, Austin Aries has been on WWE's radar for the proposed WWE Network show on cruiserweights… but it's hard to say if this could land him a spot on the main WWE roster. Given the fact he's still under TNA contract he's nothing more than a "person of interest" as negotiations cannot even take place until his contract ends.

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