How Seth Rollins Developed Into WWE's Top Heel


Seth Rollins is the perfect old-school heel that WWE needs, which is why he is appearing almost every week on SmackDown and Raw. This is a great tactic towards building his legacy as a wrestler that will do anything to retain the title, instead of appearing once every three months. A certain group in the WWE Universe claims that Rollins is always willing to take the easy way out, but they forget that this is nothing new for a top star.

Seth Rollins

Many others like Triple H, Jake Roberts, Ric Flair etc. have made an impact by employing cheap tactics characteristic for a bad boy in order to draw heat from the fans and earn victories, and this is a role that he plays perfectly. He says the most backhanded and vindictive things imaginable, which makes him the master of drawing heat from the crowd.

It is exactly that weasel-like strategy that has helped him be the champion for as long as he can and to cling on it for an extended period. He will always use heel tactics to retain himself. All of that makes Rollins a reliable superstar that can carry the title in a long title reign with a little help from The Authority and WWE, which helps him earn credibility by putting amazing performances at each event. There is no denying that Rollins has a great talent and regardless who he is fighting, he continues to earn respect from WWE fans.

By cashing the Money in the Bank contract during the main event thus stealing the title at WrestleMania, Rollins made a big impact. It was probably the best way to start the reign of a heel champion and as a result he has been booked as a weasel that can generate genuinely angry reactions from the crowd. He steals the show skilfully, uses cheap tactics to retain the title, all of what makes him a refreshing change after Lesnar. It wouldn’t be a bad thing if there was a long run with Rollins as champion, but he will surely have a tough job against The Beast in defending the title.

We know many fans of Rollins that want him to be the top heel for a long time. Some call him Mister Money in the Bank that has stood his ground against Brock Lesnar and lived to tell the tale, something that many WWE veterans are unable to say. Overall, his career is progressing as it should. His mic work is especially cocky and overly confident, which makes him a real entertainer and a top notch heel in every way.

Seth Rollins

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Simply put, Rollins is the textbook definition of a top heel. Every time he opens his mouth fans receive less of a reason to believe that he will turn babyface again. He especially likes to mock them for their lack of faith in him, which makes him a perfect kind of top heel jerk. His character is in the perfect spot and all thanks to The Authority and his work done for him. However, his real turning point will be the critical event against Lesnar, which will mark his evolution into a true main event player.

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