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Hulk Hogan Aiming For Wrestlemania 32, The Story Behind The Tweets

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Hulk Hogan, who turns 62 years old today, tweeted the following this morning:

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Prior to Hogan’s racist/homophobic tirade scandal, he was “penciled in” to work John Cena at Wrestlemania 32. While neither Vince McMahon nor Triple H were keen on Hogan getting back in the ring at 62, both he and Cena had been lobbying for the match. Hogan had pitched a match [against John Cena] since his return to WWE last year and it was actually getting closer than ever to becoming a reality before the scandal broke. Now, it seems very unlikely to happen with Vince McMahon telling investors on a conference call a couple weeks ago they were focused on talent that can actually compete in the ring (in reference to Hogan).

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