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Hulk Hogan On Judging New Talent, Thoughts On Kevin Owens

Rolling Stone has a new Q&A online with Hulk Hogan to promote tonight’s premiere of WWE Tough Enough. Below are the highlights:

What he looks for in the next Superstar or Diva:

The first thing I feel is their energy; I can shake somebody's hand and make eye contact with them and tell what kind of energy they have. And we'll start from there; on a personal level, I'm going to have a hard time telling someone that they're not tough enough, but I will be in a very serious business mode the whole time. It's a situation where we're looking for the best of the best. I'm looking for someone who lives it, breathes it and is obsessed with it.

Thoughts on Kevin Owens:

Kevin actually reminds me of one of the older wrestlers of the late Seventies, some of those guys that didn't have the build, but they would scare you if you met them at a bar. What hooked me about him was that I was watching a match of his on NXT and I found myself disassociated with being in the moment, all of a sudden I started watching him and he made me believe again. I watched real close, and there were no holes in his boat – his punches, his kicks, everything he did looked like it was killing the guy, which it probably was. He caught me with my guard down and he made me a believer again, he hooked me. He's got that look, man; that demeanor and that swagger.

CLICK HERE to read the piece in its entirety.

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