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Impact Wrestling Results (4/26/12) - The Last Memory of Eric Bischoff

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Impact Wrestling Results - 4/26/2012
From Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Report by: Alex Barie of

Impact Wrestling kicks off with a video package hyping up the "Open Fight Night" and the "Gut Check" show tonight. There will also be a random title match tonight and Hogan is going to pick who will defend it.

The video ends and all of the champions are backstage. Hogan is shown and is front of them. He says this episode will happen once a month where the champions could be called out to defend their gold. Gail says it is ridiculous. Hogan says it is not as he will be happening. He says it could be Roode. It could be Gail and no one can lace boots up in there with her. Austin is in a league of his own and Magnus/Joe will hold the titles for awhile. After Lockdown, Hogan says that Joe and Magnus need to put up or shut up. He says there are a lot of tag teams who want to face them. He says Joe/Magnus deserve nothing but the best. It could be MCMG, Anderson/Hardy, Kaz/Daniels, ODB/Eric. Hogan will not let them know who they will face until bell time! He welcome everyone to Open Fight Night! Let the fighting begin! A video plays with new music for this special episode of TNA that will happen once a month.

The video ends and the camera shows the Impact Zone. Music hits and here comes the Television Title, Devon. He makes his way to the ring as he will be defending his title as the Television Title will be defended each week. Devon gets on the mic and states that Hogan says that every title will be defended once a month but the TV title will be defended every week. He will give some lucky person a chance. He says he will give it to the person who no one can stand and that is his sorry excuse for a brother....Bully Ray. Music plays and Bully Ray is shown backstage with the TNA roster around him. He talks to Ric Flair and then looks around at the other roster members. He leaves and comes through the curtain with a mic. He yells to cut his music off. He asks Devon if he is serious. Why would Devon want to be in the ring with him? Ray has been in the same ring with Devon for 15 years and it made him sick. Ray carried Devon. Devon wouldn't be TV Champion if it wasn't for Ray. If Devon is in the ring with Ray, he will be a star and Ray is not going to let that happen. He says the fans would love to see Devon get his hands on him (Ray). Ray says he is not going to get the change. He tells him to go to hell. Ray drops the mic and walks up the ramp. Devon rolls out and here he comes. He hits Ray from behind and he falls. Ray gets up and Devon continues the attack. He punches Ray all around the ring. The bell sounds.

Bully Ray vs. Devon (Champ) for the Television Title

Devon grabs a water bottle and smacks it right to Ray's head. He continues to punch and then rolls him in. Ray is on his knees begging for a truce. He extends his hand as he gets to his feet. Devon takes the hand and pulls it to him for a closeline. He continues the attack with shots to the face. Ray gets up in the corner and Devon continues to punch. He then knocks him down and Devon climbs the corner. Ray gets up and hits the ropes. Devon falls split legged on the top and rolls forward.


Bully Ray is in control as he bounces off the ropes and plants an elbow to the heart of Devon. Ray gets up and is cut open on his forehead. It shows a replay of what happened during the break as Ray was in control the entire time. Ray continues to be right now as he has Devon on the mat and does a big splash. He covers but Devon kicks out. Ray grabs Devon's shoulder area to squeeze it. Ray gets up and bounces off the ropes. Devon pops up and does a shoulder tackle. Both get up and Ray does a punch. Devon does one in return. They go back and forth. Booos for Ray and Yays for Devon. Devon comes back as he is able to do a neck breaker. Ray gets up in the corner. Devon runs to him but Ray does a big boot. Devon backs up and Ray closelines him. Devon slowly gets up. Ray is behind him to do his Bubba Bomb but Devon turns around. Ray is able to lift Devon up and slam him on the mat. He covers but Devon kicks out. Ray gets up and goes in the corner. Devon gets up too. Ray runs to him, but Devon lifts him up and does a spine buster. Cover: 1-2-3! Winner and Still Champion: Devon

Austin Aries is backstage. He says Ray loses now because he didn't cheat but he wins when he pulls the tights of Austin. How does that happen when he is so much smaller? Austin thinks it is a complete joke.

Ric Flair is backstage. He talks about Eric Bischoff as he states he is wrestling's greatest promoter. He did so much for the industry and made TNA what it is today. Woo!


Kurt Angle is sitting in the locker room. Kazarian and Daniels walk up to him. They tell Angle that he is welcome for distracting AJ and taking care of him. Soon they will give AJ what he deserves. Kurt doesn't want the help of them two and doesn't want them to interfere in his matches AGAIN! Kurt walks away. Daniels insults Kurt. Kurt turns around and asks what he said. Daniels quickly pulls out his phone and pretends to talk on his phone. He and Kazarian back up. Kurt turns around and walks away.

Jeremy Borash walks down the ramp in a great suit. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. He says that is it Open Fight Night and it is where the stars and other workers could challenge others. He says he wants to call someone out who has been there for a short amount of time compared to Jeremy as he has been there since the beginning. He insults Eric Bischoff with colorful language. The camera shows the roster backstage and they are stunned yet liking it. Borash calls Eric out so he can shove his fist down his throat. He tells him to get off his Blackberry and Facebook page and come down. Eric's music plays and he does come. He claps his hands for Borash. He gets in the ring. The fans sing the "Nah nah, hey, hey good-bye!" song. Eric takes out his phone and takes a picture of Borash. Borash says he should put that on Facebook and maybe test to see if he is drunk. He says he, unlike Eric, doesn't talk about other employees. Eric gets on the mic and states that Jeremy will get his 15 seconds of fame. Eric will enjoy it as much as Borash. He then states that it is an iPhone and not a Blackberry. Just then, Bully Ray crawls in the ring and low blows Borash. Eric says it is O.F.N. and if this is how his career is going to end, so be it. He calls out a referee and covers Borash. He counts 1-2-3 and Eric Bischoff wins. Eric smacks Borash's head multiple times. He stands up and is enjoying the moment while it lasts alongside Bully Ray.


Mr. Anderson is backstage. Here is a "Remembering Eric Bischoff" moment. He states that he respects Eric because he brought him into TNA, but outside, he is anti-government. He says Eric is just like every business person out there. He says Eric is a D#@cheb%g and needs to get out of here!

Mexican America, as a whole, are in the ring. Anarquia questions why they weren't included in the tag team contendership mentioned by Hogan earlier. He says no one can beat them. He says that not one man can face them. Well, the camera shows the roster in the back and Kurt walks forward. His music hits and he comes out on stage. Fireworks explode and he gets right in the ring. Anarquia asks Kurt if he wants to fight. He says Hernandez will fight Kurt. Anarquia goes to walk away, but he goes behind Kurt and hits him from behind. Everyone but him leave the ring.

Anarquia vs. Kurt Angle

Anarquia gets Kurt up and whips him in the corner. He attacks him in the corner and then whips him in to the opposing corner. Anarquia runs to him but Angle ducks and does a german suplex. Anarquia gets up and Angle does his Angle Slam. He then tightens the ankle lock and lays down. Anarquia taps. Winner: Kurt Angle

A video plays showing a guy from Gut Check. He talks about his dad and how hard of a worker he is. He talks about his dad passing and never saying, "Thank you" to him. Al Snow is shown talking about this guy. Alex goes on to talk about his accomplishments and about being the youngest Television Champion. The video ends and music plays. Al Snow walks on stage with a mic in hand and with Alex behind him. They walk down the ramp and into the ring.


Al Snow is on the mic and says he is the lead judge of Gut Check. Each month TNA will have Gut Check where they will bring in one star like Alex to fight in front of one of the best crowds in wrestling. He can earn his spot on the TNA roster right here tonight. All of them are hungry and want a shot. They can very well get it. He asks Alex if he is ready and then sees who he will be facing. Music hits and it's Robbie E. Robbie T. comes out with him. They walk down the ramp. Al Snow walks up to the announcer's table to be the special guest commentator.

Alex Silva vs. Robbie E.

The bell sounds and Rob does a huge slap to Alex's face. Alex then does a slap to Rob. He then goes all out with punch after punch. He whips Rob in the corner and Rob comes out. Alex does a huge closeline. He covers but Robbie kicks out. Both get up and Robbie fights back with a closeline and then kicks and punches. He chokes Alex with his foot in the corner. He gets him up and whips him in the ropes. He knocks him down. Alex gets up and Robbie does a body slam. He gets Alex up and goes for another, but Alex slides out behind him. Robbie does a knee to the gut and then another body slam. Robbie goes to the corner. He climbs it and flies. He drops an elbow but misses as Alex moves. Both get up and Alex knocks him down multiple times with elbows to the face. Alex climbs the corner and jumps but Robbie moves. Alex stays on his feet. Robbie turns around and hits Alex in the face and then slams him down for a win. Winner: Robbie E.

Hulk Hogan is backstage. He is reading papers. He puts them down and checks his phone as he will be announcing the tag team title match contenders next.


A video plays showing Dixie Carter backstage with a "Remember Eric Bischoff" moment. Dixie says Eric took the company away from her, told her lies and cheated her. She will not miss anything about him at all.

Hulk Hogan is in his office with the contenders he told earlier. He said Joe/Magnus' number came up and he wants to see the challenges and what it means for them. He stars with Kazarian/Daniels. Daniels impersonates Hogan to make him feel good but he rolls his eyes. He then gives flaws about the other teams. Hogan says that garbage isn't needed. He then goes after MCMG. They talk about their time in Japan and how they were both out and not they are finally back. Hogan says he respects them. Hogan asks if Ken and Hardy can ever get along. Ken kisses Jeff and says they can get along!!! He tells ODB/Eric that this is real. He asks if they are ready after their honeymoon. Eric says they are the only married tag team. They have great chemistry and say they already have one set up tag titles. He says he has been a fan of Hogan and ODB can stay with Hogan for the night. Hogan says he can't afford her. Hogan goes to each team and tells them what they think. He says they are eliminating MCMG because he is worrying about Sabin's knee. He will tell who will get the shot later.

The camera shows the arena as Ms. Tessmacher walks down the ramp with music playing. She grabs a mic and gets in the ring. She says everyone in the wrestling world is talking bout how she pinned Gail in a tag match last week. People on social media are saying it is a fluke but Tessmacher will show that it wasn't a fluke and she just doesn't have pair of assets to be good. She calls out Gail Kim. Gail is shown backstage and doesn't really like this idea. She makes her way through the curtain. She really asks if this is happening and laughs. Gail finally makes her way in the ring. Gail does stretches to get warmed up. Tessmacher just wants to get her hands on her. Tessmacher is talking to the referee and Gail goes up and hits her at the sneakiest point.

Ms. Tessmahcer vs. Gail Kim

Gail has the control as she takes Tessmacher around the ring and throws her down on the mat. She does some kicks and goes after her face to pick her up. She whips her in the corner. She attacks her and then whips her in the opposing corner. Gail runs up to her but Tessmacher moves and Gails goes right in the corner. Tessmacher goes after her. She whips Gail in the corner but Gail bounces out and closelines Tessmacher. She walks over and stomps away. Gail gets Tessmacher up on her shoulders. She lifts her in the air and drops her on the mat face first. Gail slowly gets Tessmacher up and she fights back with punches. Tessmacher gets to her feet and knocks Gail down. Gail is resting on the ropes. Tessmacher goes to her but Gail trips her and Tess. drops on the second rope. Gail has the momentum. She places Tessmacher in the corner and grabs her title. She talks trash to her as she holds her face. She brings Tessmacher out of the corner and then climbs to the top. Gail jumps but Tessmacher moves and Gail lands right on the mat. Gail gets up and Tessmacher lifts her up from behind and brings her forward for a face smash. She gets the pin and that becomes the Direct Impact of the Night. Winner: Ms. Tessmacher


Daniels and Kazarian are backstage. The camera man asks them about the tag match later tonight. They say that they got this as they told only facts to Hogan. They then state that AJ better show up next week and if he doesn't, then they will truly let the cat out of the bag.

A video plays showing Hogan putting Rob Van Dam in the main event match last week. He wins and is going after the title. Nothing will be in his way as he will climb to the top and keep the title. Roode is shown and says Rob proved himself. He says he is going to prepare for the champion RVD. He knows what Rob is capable of and Rob better know what Roode is capable of. Rob says he is a top guy. You look at everyone else and then you look at RVD.

A video plays showing the Gut Check match that happened earlier tonight. They ask for the fans opinion about it. Al Snow is backstage with Alex. He says he is going to talk with the other judges and bring Alex back next week to give him the results. Just then, Bobby Roode enters the picture. He asks if he is interrupting anything. He turns to Alex and says that he is Hogan's experiment. He says it took him a long time to get a contract in this company. He says that you have to be expecting anything in this company. He taps Alex for a low blow. Al yells and Roode walks away.

Hogan is backstage. He says Eric and ODB made it very easy for him because they talked about their other tag titles and Hogan found out that they over drank when they were on their honeymoon. He doesn't like the idea and eliminates them. He says it is between Hardy/Ken and Daniels/Kazarian and both of them will go to the ring as he will decide the contenders soon.


Garett Bischoff is backstage with a "Remembering Eric Bischoff" moment. He says he watched his father bully everyone around his entire life. His dad put himself in the position he is in. Even though that is his dad, he says TNA will be a better place without him.

Bully Ray is on the phone talking about Devon and how he can't beat him his best day and then goes on to ask what the person is wearing. He says to keep it on when he comes home. Mr. Parks walks up. Bully gets offensive as he wants a handshake and then touches Ray's shoulder. Ray will call a lawyer if he touches him again. Parks goes to give Ray his card but Ray doesn't take it and leaves. Parks throws his head back and laughs.

Samoa Joe and Magnus walk down the ramp. They enter the ring together with the TNA Tag Team Titles. Kazarian and Daniels come out with their music playing. They get in the ring as the fans boo. After they are there, Jeff Hardy's music hits. He comes on stage and so does Mr. Anderson. Both walk to the ring together. All three teams are in the ring. Hulk Hogan's music plays and he comes out. The stands on the stage as the fans are going crazy. He has a mic in hand. He says the reaction in the arena is crazy but the reaction backstage is just as hot. He says the stars are loving this. He says Kazarian and Daniels are very impressive but Ken Anderson and Jeff Hardy are huge assets but may not be able to get along. Since they are huge stars, he eliminates Kazarian and Daniels and allows Jeff/Ken to get a shot. Daniels and Kaz obviously doesn't like the decision.

Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy vs. Samoa Joe and Magnus (Champs) for the TNA Tag Team Titles

Mr. Anderson and Joe start the match. They lock-up and Ken is pushed into the corner. Joe does shot after shot to Ken and he slides down in the corner. Joe walks away. Ken gets up and Joe goes to him but Ken puts Joe in the corner and does shots to him. He backs up and Joe comes out. Ken does an elbow to the face and Joe falls. Joe gets up and is able to get away from Ken. He tags Magnus. Ken does a huge slap for a tag to Jeff. Both are in and they lock-up. They go in the corner but come out as Jeff takes control. He does a spinning kick and then works on the arm. He tags Ken and they work together with a double team whip but Magnus comes back with punches to both stars. He turns and tags Joe. Joe enters and Ken attacks Joe to make him fall. Ken yells at Hardy as he is still in the ring. Jeff walks around as Ken stares at him.


Joe takes Ken to his corner and slams his face in the turnbuckle. He tags Magnus in. Magnus enters and Ken is able to take control. He applies a headlock and tags Jeff. Jeff gets in and goes after Magnus. He has him down on the mat. He jumps up and plants his feet into the gut and then dropkicks him in the face. Magnus rolls out. Jeff follows. As he goes after Magnus, Joe attacks Jeff from behind. Magnus brings Jeff in and tags Joe. Joe and Magnus work on Jeff together. Joe kicks Jeff down and then lays down on him. He continues to attack but Jeff fights back. Joe whips him in the corner but Jeff goes to the top and does a whisper in the wind. Both are down. Both tag their opponents. Ken knocks Magnus down with a closeline. He gets up and goes to closeline Ken but he ducks and does a neck breaker. Joe enters and goes after Ken but Ken attacks him. Ken goes after Magnus but he tosses Magnus over the ropes. Jeff comes in and knocks Magnus out. He turns and Jeff gets hit with a scoop powerslam from Joe. Jeff and Joe get up and Jeff is able to hit the twist of fate out of nowhere. Jeff climbs the corner and he flies to the outside to take out Magnus. Ken gets in the ring and gets Joe up. He goes for the mic check, but Ken pushes him in to the ropes. They roll back and ken goes for a pin roll-up but Joe flips him and hooks the rear naked choke. Jeff tries to enter but Magnus held onto his leg. Ken taps. Winners and Still Tag Team Champs: Samoa Joe and Magnus

As Jeff and Ken talk to each other as they both sit on the mat, Joe and Magnus walk up the ramp. Daniels and Kazarian come out and knock both of them down. They attack them on the ramp as they are lying down and walk away with their heads held high.


The show returns and the ring is decked out with a red mat and different objects in the ring. Ric Flair's entrance plays. He comes on stage. Kazarian, Daniels, Bully Ray, and Gunner are behind him. They make their way down the ramp and into the ring. The crowd boos them as they stand in the ring. Ric is behind a podium. He states that they are here to celebrate, not mourn, and no one knows how to celebrate like Ric. Just Google him (his wife's favorite line, by the way). If you have any knowledge about professional wrestling, Eric has been a major impact to this place. The fans sing the good-bye song again. Ric tells them that they are rude and that is why he doesn't like wrestling fans. He calls for Eric. His music hits and here he comes. The man with 25 years of experience makes his way to the ring. The crowd boos while the stars in the ring shake his hand. The fans continue to sing. Ric tells Eric to take the chair. Eric does after a long hug from Bully Ray. He sits in a huge thrown just for him. Ric apologizes for the fans' action. Ric says it was an honor to work with him and the hundreds of workers who also worked with him. He said Dixie should be on her knees right now. Ric doesn't like Hogan but he is the reason why Hogan is in TNA and the reason why Ric is here. Ric walks over to a picture of Eric and says he should give the picture to some girl to cherish. Ric says Eric is the man who crossed television lines to make history and helped the wrestling scene. Gunner gets the mic and thanks Eric. Ric says he forgot something. He opens a small box and says this is a small gift from each one of them. It is a high profile watch. Ray gets on the mic and says Eric is the "wind beneath his wings." Ray and Eric hug. Garett's music plays and he comes out on stage. Borash is at his side along with Austin Aries, RVD and MCMG. Garett says that they want to give him a gift for him if this is truly the end of Eric's career. While the watch is nice, Eric belongs into a class....a class called the Shed of Shame. So Cal Val reveals a porta potty. Eric tells the men in the ring to attack them. They go after him but Garett and JB go around ringside and grab Eric. They hold him up and take him to the portable toilet. They put him in it and lock it up. The crowd is going crazy. Garett and JB count to three and then push it over. Seems like the smell is coming out from it. They open the door and Eric is covered in waste. It is all over him. Garett waves good-bye to him as Eric screams and yells. He is about to throw up.....actually, he does! Garett's music hits as it marks an end to his dad's career. Eric Bischoff, God Speed! The show fades.

Top 5 Rankings:

1. Samoa Joe and Magnus- New from last week
2. Jeremy Borash- New from last week
3. Devon- New from last week
4. Ms. Tessmacher- New from last week
5. Eric Bischoff- New from last week

Alex's Assumptions:

When Hogan announced that this week would be Open Fight Night, it seemed like a pretty sweet idea and I was actually anticipating this show. I didn't know what exactly to expect as I honestly didn't get everything Hogan stated. This show told me what it will be about in the future and it certainly is different. During commercials, I would check out Twitter and found out some mistakes, like the Gut Check worker was suppose to pick their opponent, but that was obviously not the case tonight. It really doesn't matter to me, but I thought I would point that out. This episode seemed to change Impact Wrestling though. The main thing was Kurt Angle. Is he a face now? Did he change? I don't know as I heard he was going to face AJ Styles at the PPV (via Kurt Angle's Twitter). I don't understand that. Besides the Gut Check, which is nice to see upcoming stars and to see them get the chance (But I saw someone state that they are bringing these stars in while they barely use the stars they have now, via Twitter). It is just to have something new and different. The Open Fight Night is pretty cool, but I could see why it is only happening once a month. I am glad about that. The title match is a good idea as we will see at least one title defense on the show. That is a plus for me. While all of that happened tonight, the focus was Eric Bischoff. It was his "last night". Now I doubt it will last, but I can see it being like the Jeff Jarrett scenario. We haven't seen him since either. I miss Jeff and probably will miss Eric on television. It will be nice to give the time to others but he did make the promos he was in interesting. The segment with him and J.B. tonight was great. It was so "real". While it was scripted, I bet J.B. was actually very personal about it and wanted to take a shot at Eric. Eric always gets the upper hand (except for the segment at the end). With the reality of the J.B. segment, he is ranked second in the Top 5 Rankings. I just love when they bring real-life scenarios into the show! Eric was remembered. I am curious to see where the show goes from here. If you want to follow me on Twitter, check out the link in my bio below and if you want to check out my personal blogs, the link is also below in my bio.

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